Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Little Retail Therapy-Sweet Saturday

Happy Saturday all...I hope your day has been filled with great things!!  I must say that I started this day with a little pep in my step...which is profoundly unusual for me...My pep has been pooped in the last several months and hopping out of bed on a Saturday was not in the cards!!!  So this makes the last 2 Saturdays special for me...Last Saturday I was up and ready to go before 7:00 AM and today I was at the park by 8:15 and ready to go!  Riley ( the white dog) was my walking partner today and we walked a little over a mile today...I am trying to push beyond my comfort zone each day!!  At the end of our face was  red as a beet and Riley's tongue was dragging the ground (not quite).  But we both had least I think she had fun...she doesn't say much!! 

After the walk, I decided to stop by and see my Sweet Pea (Emily)...a quick 20 minute visit but always a blessing... just hanging out with my girl and looking at all of her school stuff...she starts 6th grade on Monday (I can't believe it).  I arrived all sweaty with my "Mawa" Inspired head band on...She looked at me and just shook her head...I am fairly certain she thinks I have lost my mind...She is not used to seeing her Aunt Jaime in workout clothes rockin' a cool head band.  She'll!

After my visit, I headed home, ate a little breakfast, rested for a while and then Tone Tone (my Mom) and I headed across town for a healthy lunch and some shopping.  If you live in Houston...try Hungry's in The Village (Rice U area)...decent healthy menu options, nice weekend lunch place...THEN...we headed to the stores for a little shopping.  I desperately needed a few new workout clothes and decided to go ahead and get a few...Now for those of you that are not familiar with shopping for workout clothes for Fluffy is no easy task.  Now in my mind, workout clothes for fluffy people should be on every corner...Instead, there are generally only workout clothes for the average human!!!  I know....Fluffy people have a tendency not to work out and therefore the demand for fluffy workout clothes is limited...blah, blah, blah...BUT trust me...if I am working out next to definitely want me fully covered in appropriate workout clothes...OK, I digress...Bottom line:  I found workout clothes...bought them and am now official and properly dressed!!!

Forgive me for giving you a blow by blow of my day...that is generally not my intention.  However, this blog is about my Journey and all the changes that will take place over the next year.  So it is important to me to point out that the fact that I have been up since before 8 AM...walked over a mile, hung out with an 11 year old, fixed breakfast, got dressed, drove across Houston, had lunch, shopped for 4 hours and am sitting down to write this blog by 6:00 a huge change for me.  I have not been able to be active in what feels like forever.  I love being active...the person inside this body has always loved being active.  But, bad health has slowed that significantly over the past 10+ years and that is why today is worth a "blow by blow".  Today was a change...a really good change!!

Just a few miscellaneous items before I go...I snapped this pic of my Mom at Hungry's  today and thought it was blog worthy :)

She just so dang Cute!

And this is a pic Mom found of her and I from a loooong time ago...She has made it into and "motivational" tool and placed it on the fridge!


Today's Blessings:

Unexpected gifts that make this Journey so much more joyful!
Words of support and kindness from strangers!
Time with "my people"

Be grateful for the tiny details of your life and make room for unexpected and beautiful blessings.

I am beyond grateful today.  Thank you!

See you tomorrow! jlp