Monday, August 27, 2012

Funky Monday

Hope everyone has had a good Monday...though my cynical self there such a thing as a good Monday.  Honestly, I have never been a big fan of Monday...I guess I should be grateful that I get to see Monday each week..but that is not always the case.  This Monday has been a little tough...I am struggling with a little lethargy today and am so busy at work that I am a bit overwhelmed.  So...I am a little stressed. 

Guess what...Stress can cause weight gain...particularly the production of Cortisol in the body...don't worry...I am not going to give any medical lectures on the topic and will leave it up to you to gather more info on the topic if you so desire.  After reading some of the appears that there are varying opinions on the topic...too complicated for my somewhat addled brain this close to 9:00 PM at night (and I am still at work).  But here is what I do know...for me, stress leads to a whole cornucopia of issues none of which are good and managing stress..well, I am no good at it!!! 

Sadly, I have been known to stress over things that have not even happened!! pattern of behavior often looks like this:

  • I worry and stress about life know, money, work, semi-imaginary issues (ha,ha)
  • I get overwhelmed/lose focus/have to work late to keep up 
  • I can't sleep
  • Eat late, eat poorly, etc...
  • Get exhausted, get headaches...and the list goes on...
It is actually really difficult for me to write all of this down...not my best personality trait.  However,   given all of of my secondary goals on this Journey is to incorporate better stress management into my life..really practice setting boundaries with myself and managing my time and stress levels in conjunction with the eating and exercising.  Given that I am still at the office...I still have quite a bit of work to do in that department. 
BUT...I have HOPE...I love HOPE!  It really is always right there to choose as an option to any situation.  I do know that exercise can relieve stress and I am pretty confident that the healthier my body gets, the easier it will be to manage some of the emotional stresses in my life (and vice versa). 

I feel compelled to say this about this blog of my is my intention to be completely honest.  I think that for me, that is part of this Journey.  No pretense, or disguised feelings..just the truth. 

I had somebody,who has been down a very similar road, remind me that there are going to be "funky" days...that is just the way it goes...but you get up and you start the next day fresh...ODAT!

Despite this Funky Monday...I do have blessings to share...

  • Tomorrow is NOT Monday
  • HOPE--I have it!!!
Before I go for the evening...Just a couple of administrative things...

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  2. Please share this site with your friends, family, absolute strangers :)...the more people, the more input, the more wisdom shared...the better the Journey!!!
Tuesday here I come....Journey 120-"MaWa Inspired"

God Bless and Sweet Dreams!!!


  1. Just today, the last page in a Weight Watchers magazine titled The Last Word: quote "A setback is only a "set up" for a comeback"

    I agree, when working, Monday's are lousy!!!! A.C.

  2. Keep the faith... We are all pulling for you.