Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That's what I like about the South

Happy Wednesday and for those of you playing at home...Happy Day 6.  Another morning swim for me and then off to work.  I am pondering adding an evening workout tonite.  I think it is really benefiting my stress levels. 
Besides losing weight....I really need to learn to manage my stress better.  I sometimes don't even realize I am stressed until...well usually, until I have a big massive headache and  I find myself aimlessly foraging for food in the Kitchen at 1:00 AM...I have already addressed my issues around using food as a pacifier, pain killer, comforter...etc...but I think that a little window into my love of food is important.

 Actually, I do not think my love of food is the primary reason for my being is part of my culture, my way of growing up and I really don't mind that...I have lots of family that loves food as much as I do that do not have issues with their weight.  You see I am severely southern and in the South... the love of food is a way of life and that has been my experience within my own family.  Certain foods are associated with certain occasions and the success of those occasions is often dictated by how good the food least in part.  I do not want to whole family gets together at the holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter....big birthdays, anniversaries....etc... and we laugh, play games, name it.  But....we love our food.  I associate different foods with people in the family (I am fruit salad), foods that we make or even foods we love to eat...My Aunt Bobbie ( chocolate pie/lemon pie), My Aunt Lois (sausage balls, fudge), my grandmother (fried chicken/pumpkin bread), my cousin Kathy (broccoli and rice casserole) to name just a few...It is part of who I am...Food isn't just represents Love...lots of love and thought goes into a meal in my is not just the ingredients on the is the time and energy it takes to prepare, the thoughtful planning...and I love that about my family and it is certainly one of the things I like about the South.
My challenge from August 17th keeping that love in perspective.  I believe I can still enjoy loving food without it being a crutch.  That's all! :)

Today I met another Southerner in the whirlpool after my swim...I am guessing she was in her late 60's...and the first thing she said as she entered the whirlpool was "Thank you Lord Jesus"...she was serious too....I had my eyes closed but she kept on talking.  I opened my eyes and sat up a little straighter....trying to pay attention.  She told me that had been at the Y since 4:30 AM and that she was feeling a little stiff and sore...and that this whirlpool was just the answer.  She proceeded to share quite a bit about herself and particularly that she just could not seem to lose weight because as she said "Lord the sugar...I can't stays away from the sugar"....She proceeded to talk at length about a piece German Chocolate Cake that she had the night before and that she had a skinny husband who could eat anything he wanted and that he made her bake for him and how she would end up eating it.  She was much funnier than I can convey in this blog.  So...I decided to share with her about my Journey and she got really quiet....listened to my story and then at the end asked me what my name was...I told her and she said I am going to start praying for you today...and then she out for the devil...he will throw every obstacle he can in front of you...all kinds of German Chocolate Cake!
Blessings for the day...being a Texas girl with a great family (who can cook!), great friends...and of course, the lady in the whirlpool...more prayers are not a bad thing!

Today, I am praying for perspective, strength and the courage to complete this Journey with the same energy and inspiration I have started with...

Day 7 is just around the corner...1st weigh in on Friday...Journey 120-"MaWa"Inspired:

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  1. Okay, Mom told me about your blog so I had to read it. This is a great read and will be looking forward everyday to check on your progress. We are behind you all the way! Where can I buy "MaWa" sportswear?