Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Last Meal and Testament

Tomorrow is the DAY...the new beginning of what I hope is a life-changing journey.  I am excited and nervous.  Excited about making a change and nervous about....making a change.  Funny but true! an effort to give a warm send off to my old eating any good, loyal Fluffy girl would do...I ATE!  I had one last unhealthy Hurrah!!! 

Last night, I met my best friend for a great Italian meal and a Cosmopolitan. I needed to share with her my master plan and that I wanted to make this an adventure.  Her support is key for me.  So, being a good best friend..she told me to meet her at the park in our neighborhood for a walk at 6:30 AM in the MORNING...Bless her heart...she may be trying to kill me :)!  No is fantastic and a great way to start my first day..with my friend who has seen me struggle with  my health for a long, long time! 

Today I got to have lunch with my precious Mom and my sweet Aunt Bobbie along with my sweet cousin Harper and my Sweet Pea (Emily-my best friend's 11 year old daughter and my niece by choice).  We chowed down on great deli food and the biggest  Chocolate Eclair known to man.
Harper, Emily and THE ECLAIR
Mom and Aunt Bobbie

Some of my favorite people in the world!! 

So with the food fest done and Friday 8/17/2012 at 6:30 AM just around the corner....I am ready.  I feel inspired, thrilled, scared and grateful.  Grateful that I have a relationship with God that is giving me the strength to take this amazing family, a wonderful group of supportive friends, and the inspiration of doing something I love again...inspired by people I don't even know. 

There are a couple of things I want to share before I get ready for tomorrow.  First, my very first Volleyball coach sent me a message last night and it ended with the following statement "Looking forward to the journey and to seeing that same 7th grade girl enjoying the game of volleyball again. Jaime, may the Lord bless you on this journey!!"  Can't tell you how heart warming and encouraging that is for me.
I got this message from one of my High School coaches. "Well Jaime, They say it's all about the journey! You can do this.....I know.......I was one of your volleyball are tough! See ya at the game next year!!!"  I am ready Coach (or at least I will be in a year).


You are going to see a phrase or "slogan" I guess you could say...that I am choosing to use as a daily reminder of my original fun inspiration to make this change.. Misty May and Kerri Walsh used the hash tag or team name #Mawa during the Olympics...I have "borrowed" that and added it to my little motivational slogan:  #Journey 120-"Mawa Inspired"

 NOW for the Testament:

" So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the WILL, they soon become inevitable"~ Christopher Reeve

Here is to the Inevitable....


  1. I ran across your blog when I saw your tweet to Kerri Walsh Jennings (I just began following her on Twitter), and I clicked on it out of curiosity.

    I had never watched the Olympics until the London 2012 Summer Games. I turned it on one night and was immediately hooked. I was amazed by the athleticism and talent of all the athletes, but one of the sports that really caught my eye was beach volleyball. I played volleyball for three years in high school, but I haven't played since I graduated a year ago. I loved seeing Kerri's and Misty's passion and friendship, and it really got me thinking.

    The other sport that got my brain stirring was track and field. Among some of the athletes that inspired me were Allyson Felix, Sonya Richards-Ross, Lashinda Demus, and Carmelita Jeter. I thought to myself, "Why can't I be in that kind of shape? Why can't I have that same drive and determination?"

    Something quite ironic just happened a few minutes ago: I was on my computer looking at the websites of some of the runners I just mentioned, and I decided that I wasn't going to get anywhere by sitting around and doing nothing. My first attempt was a very short bike ride, but I had to start somewhere, right? As soon as I got back, I read your blog and thought, "Wow, we're right on the same page!"

    Like you, I've tried to lose weight/eat healthier many times, but something about the London 2012 Olympics really inspired me. I'll be following your journey as I try to get in shape as well. Best of luck to you!!!

    1. Thank you for your story and comments...Glad to know I have company...I hope you will follow and that you embrace the inspiration of your track stars and MaWa with open arms!! Let's Roll!!! JLP