Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine Love Story...With a Twist

Happy Valentine's Day... and welcome to A Valentine Love Story-With a Twist!

Being profoundly single...and having been so for a very long time...I must admit that I have sort of adapted Valentine's Day to fit my definition.  Make it work for me!

For me, as I grow older, Valentine's Day is really just one more Day to Love with all of my heart...only with gifts and fun heart shaped cards!!! I participate in my own way with the people I love!

This morning I received a message from a friend that I liked and thought it was a good way for this single girl to treat Valentine's Day:  She said...

"..."Hug everybody you love today, and maybe a few extra just for the surprise factor!"

I liked that idea!!  Who doesn't like the Surprise factor!!! :)

Kerri posted this on her Facebook page today and I am taking the liberty to share...Also thought this was a sweet way to approach the day!

"Helpful hints for ALL of us today... whether single or in a relationship, we can take things into our own loving hands... Happy Valentine's Day everyone!"

So...Consider yourself hugged! one of my favorite things to experience is...Unexpected Inspiration.

Lately, I am really trying to be intentional (again) in my actions as I continue to move toward my weight loss goal to invite more Joy into my life and my goal to give more Joy back to the world in which I live! 

So truthfully...I started writing this post because I read a friend's blog post.  Her words in her post were some more of those perfect words I spoke of a couple of days ago...they just struck a chord in me!  So after reading her post...I sent her a text...telling her that her post contained perfect words for today and were in fact, some of that unexpected inspiration I so love and need...

Now at this point...I was going to expound upon HOW those words impacted me and why I love them...when...we started texting back and forth...which then led to a phone conversation. 

A little background...

You see, my friend IS a Writer...a great one at that!!!  We have been friends since we were kids...She moved away and we stayed friends...I even spent time with her family after they left Humble and moved to the DFW area.  As a matter of fact, the FIRST time I ever flew on an airplane by myself was to see her and her family.  We kept in touch over the years...and then, we drifted stuff..I guess...

However, thanks to social media...we reconnected...a gift for me!

So back to the story...So..truth is...I was finishing my day at work...I had read her post at lunch and decided that I could not pass up posting about one of my favorite topics...Unexpected Inspiration.  Now as much as I loved her blog post...the conversation...That is where the real inspiration was waiting! 

You see my friend has her own story...her own Journey and though different than mine...I am inspired by her courage, her indomitable spirit...her faith and her great heart!

So...I stopped writing my have this great conversation...that turned into one of those great God moments for me...I shared with her parts of my Journey that I needed to remember and she said so many things that hit home for many things I needed to hear! 

At face may have just seemed like two friends catching up...For me...It was one more opportunity to experience God's Love through another one of the Angels He has placed in my life!  It was one more reason to keep Forging On... to keep Striving to be the best I can keep sharing my heart and to keep my eyes on God's plan.

So by the time we finished our conversation...I decided to save what I had written...head home and finish here.  That has given me time to appreciate the love that I have in my life.  To appreciate the fact that I am blessed all ways. 

As I sit here finishing this post...I received a text from a very dear friend telling me that her sweet son proposed and is now engaged to be married to the girl of his dreams!   A Very special moment for this very precious family...a family that has greatly impacted my heart over the past year. Wonderful!

As this day began...I received this beautiful card from my precious Mom.

It says..."The Butterfly is the symbol that we are new creatures Through Christ.  You are in the middle of a life changing experience!  Jesus is Blessing You."

I AM in the middle of a life changing experience and as this Day comes to a close...I have perfect Clarity that I am being Blessed! 

So though I may not celebrate Valentine's Day in the traditional sense...(with Matthew McConaughy at my side...LOL)... I could not have been more surrounded by Love some completely unexpected, inspiring ways by some inspiring people who Grace my life!

With each of  today's exchanges/interactions I mentioned confidence belief that I CAN DO THIS...pushed a little closer to the surface, my love for this Journey rekindled.

...Happy Valentine's Day!

YOU can read my friend's Autobiography starting Feb. 25th...

Teaching the Cat to Sit-A Memoir by Michelle Theall

AND here is her blog post!

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