Sunday, February 16, 2014


First, happy Sunday to all...I hope this day is filled with love, joy and many great blessings.

Today started like most of my! Mom and I visited a church I love to go to largely because of the music. Given that music is impactful for me...I almost  always get something great when I visit this church.

However,  today held something quite unexpected...something REALLY unexpected! 

So after church, we had lunch...and I sat and thought of what a doozie this post was going to be!!

So...after lunch...I dropped Mom at home...changed clothes and headed out for my Sunday "reflect and recharge" time...which started with a 2.5 mile noise...just prayerfully considering  what I had experienced this morning!  Prayerfully asking God to guide me as I write this "doozie" of a post.

I would like to say that EVERY single post I write is prayerfully considered before I let my fingers fly...but that would be a big fat lie...I do strive for that...but all the time...not so much!

So man..I had ALL these big things to say...and then something happened...I realized what had happened for me was incredibly personal...valuable and needed to be discussed with great care....and ultimately not here..not least not fully.

But here..after prayerful consideration IS what I can share...

The sermon I heard this morning was titled:


The speaker is a college ministry leader in Waco, TX named Timothy Ateek.

He started his story by talking about that certain moment in a relationship when the status...direction...etc of the relationship is "defined" outwardly...verbally!

A "Define The Relationship" moment...DTR

His message was about that DTR we have from Christ....Romans 5: 1-11

As he gave his message...I knew that I was hearing something relationship changing...on a Divine level.

Here is what I am comfortable saying today...after listening to His words...I received a gift of CLARITY!




I am on track...I am on the right path and I have everything I need to succeed.

There is work to do...and more importantly, there is great Joy and Love to embrace.

I AM INSPIRED in a much different way.

I think that I will find that as I fully comprehend and embrace my own DTR moment, I will share some of that here...and I know that I will share it in HOW I continue this Journey.

Oh...and BTW...I am losing weight again...literally and figuratively! 

In the next couple of days...I will post the sermon I heard today! 

Happy Sunday Friends!


  1. What a Blessing to receive....your Blog even sounded different....more assured....the Blessing of Clarity. I'm in awe, so happy for you, A.C.

    1. Thank you...It was one of those God Moments...I love!

  2. Awwwwwesome!!!! :) I love when God speaks to us so clearly like that!! Congrats on the weight loss as well!! :)