Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Plot Thickens

I saw this the other day on Facebook and loved it...

So when I read this...I thought that is soooo true and it DID make me laugh...Of course, I did not leave well enough alone and began to think about this on a deeper level!  Of course!!!

My life has always had some superb cast members...that goes without saying...I really can't think of anyone in my life that I did not learn something from...even the roughest relationships...even the relationships that left me heartbroken and confused.  And though I may not have always recognized the learning opportunity at the time it presented...I usually catch on. 

As I have "matured'...:) I seem to have a deeper appreciation for those learning opportunities.

But the most impactful part of this funny observation..involves the piece about the plot!
I can safely say that I  have certainly felt like I was in the dark about the "Plot" of my life! 

I am betting that most people have had questions about their own personal life plot somewhere along the way...and I am pretty sure that some people are perfectly confident in the direction of their "plot"!

I have my moments...AND after reading the above...I realized that for the 1st time in my life...I have a much better understanding of my own plot...my own direction.  Now don't get too excited...I can't sit here and say that I am 100% sure of where I am going...what God has planned for me, that would be an untruth.

But here is the progress piece...I really believe that I have a plot. You know the whole...Higher Purpose idea!!  It is funny....while I am on a Journey to LOSE...Everyday I am reminded about how much I GAIN.

By becoming a Loser...I am learning to be a Winner!  Corny enough for you!!! 

Really though..I cannot say it enough...the day I realized that this Journey is about learning to walk in Faith vs. just losing weight...the tables turned and the Plot began to materialize! 

So as I continue on this Journey...Continue to Ask, Seek, Knock...as I continue to work toward the goal of a healthy body and as I continue to Seek Clarity of Mind, Direction and Heart...I will Pray or God's Guidance...Every Day! 

The Plot Thickens!!!

So back to that supporting cast for a minute.  REALLY Superb!   Thank you!

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