Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Peyton Manning of Fluffy Girls

Happy Superbowl least if you are a Seattle fan...
I am a Peyton Manning fan so...feeling disappointed for him tonight.

But he has something no one can take away from him...Integrity, Humility and a quiet Confidence and Grace...Greatness!

Richard Sherman could learn a thing or two from him..but  then again. could I!

I think we all would like to be great at what we do AND be well respected for the WAY in which we do it.

As I have stumbled lately...struggling with the changes I have been experiencing...fumbling along on my Journey...I am aware of the fact that I have always wanted to take on this Journey with a certain grace. I want to live as an example of integrity, humility and be the best person I can be throughout this process.

I guess though....I am really not feeling too graceful lately. ..clumsy, clutzy and awkward...seems a more accurate description. 

I want to be great at this weight loss thing...I want to accomplish my goals and succeed. I want for others to see the blessings God has given me in the way I live my life.

Frankly...I want to be the Peyton Manning of Fluffy Girls...

Confident. Graceful. Humble and with unquestioned Intergrity (and 120lbs lighter). the 1st week of the cleanse comes to a close... so far so good.

I attended a great Superbowl party...with lots of great food and friends/new friends. It was a bit of a challenge to lay off the groceries....but I got something, laughter, conversation (my favorite ) and the chance to share space with new friends and with those I love dearly....all over a game of football!

I am blessed!

This week, I will continue to Ask...Seek and Knock!

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