Thursday, February 27, 2014

Embrace The Grace

So it is MINI GOAL time!!!  Starting at the beginning of this Journey...I decided that I would need to create opportunities to push myself physically, have fun and set goals for myself in order to stay motivated along this Journey.

In November of 2012, I did my first 5K and in November of 2013 we did the SAME event only, I agreed to run (in intervals) a portion of the event. 

So in February of 2013, I, along with a couple of my "youngsters", climbed Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX...a 425 foot monolith of pink granite! 


This year...We are going back...with a twist...My plan is climb big rock again....only up and back twice this time!!  A Fluffy Girl on a Mission...

Here is the cool part...Kristen, Stephen and I will be joined by my friend Donna and a new friend...that I have had the pleasure of "meeting" through the blessings of this Journey and our mutual admiration of Kerri Walsh Jennings. 

Karen and I will be meeting face to face for the 1st time and will be making this trek together!  How cool is that!!

After finding myself "slumping" a bit during and immediately after the Holidays...I am starting to find my "mojo" again...Back in the Business of Believing. 

I talk about making every effort to live intentionally...and feeling excited and motivated require intentionality (in my opinion). 

Regardless of how difficult this Journey can feel on an emotional level...I can embrace equally the things that fill my heart as I go along...Climbing a big, beautiful rock with people who support me and my efforts to improve my life....well...that is worth embracing!! 

Meeting someone face to face for the 1st time who has proven to be so incredibly supportive on Faith alone...that is worth embracing!!

Spending 3 days in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country...425 feet closer to God...THAT is worth embracing!!!

I am reminded today...that I continue to experience God's Grace on so many levels...

Any story ever told about losing weight...or beating an addiction...conquering a feat of any kind...always includes a positive attitude...ALWAYS involves intentional living! 

Today...I am praying for the willingness to Willingly Live with Intention!  To Embrace the Grace!!! 

Here is my Commitment to this Journey... that I am making here this place where I present myself as an act of Accountability...I Commit to Be Willing...To Do Whatever It Takes to See This Through...Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually!  I Commit to Trusting that I will have everything I need to do that and I Commit to Embracing the Grace! 


Asking, Seeking, Knocking...Clarity of Mind....Direction....Heart! Every Day!

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  1. Great post!! I can't wait to meet you also!! :) :)
    Your commitment inspires my own!! Here's to getting back in shape - one step at a time!! :)