Sunday, February 9, 2014


So yesterday was my 47th Birthday....The actual day of my entrance to this world.
I have always thought that the celebration should be for my Mom...I was a couple of weeks took 28 hours for me to commit to showing my face...and when I did...I was all fat and sassy weighing in at 8lbs, 8 oz.  According to my Mom...I arrived hungry...hmmm...I sense the beginning of a pattern.
Over the years, birthdays have been a big deal....parties, days of celebrating, gifts, food...the whole shebang!
Yesterday was equally as eventful...but different. Truthfully, I wasn't really "feeling it" this week heading in to my birthday. I was busy and I continue to work on sorting through this part of my weight loss Journey and am in the weeds a bit.
But...Friday before my sweet Mom decorated the ENTIRE apartment with handmade decorations with sweet messages and cute stuff galore.
She always goes above and beyond to make sure I feel loved...even after 28 hours of labor and a 9.5 month pregnancy!
So...I started my birthday DAY with one of my "youngsters" friend, former co-worker, Rally to Serve partner, and fitness motivator extraordinaire,  Lindsey!  We met at a park, walked 3.7 miles, talked AND even had a little of her HOMEMADE LEMON CAKE...MY FAVE!
Next...Lunch (a healthy one) with Mom, Donna and family... evening!
As I have shared in prior posts...I connect most directly with God in a couple of very special ways...through Music and through the people he places in my life. And though I certainly am aware of God's presence in my life in many other ways...these 2 ways often impact my life most profoundly.
So last night...I got a double dose of God's Grace and Love...what a special birthday present!
About 3 weeks ago, my friend Camille sent a song to me that her son had shared with her called Farther Along by Josh Garrels. I included it in my Jan. 16th post. The song touched my heart, reduced me to tears and made me happy all at the same time!
So fast forward to Friday...I get a message from Camille asking about my birthday plans...she then proceeds to invite me to a concert...A Josh Garrels concert...on my birthday...where I will get to hear him sing this heart changing  song WITH a friend who is heart changing as well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!
The concert was brilliant, thoughtful, touching...perfect.
The people I attended the concert with were funny, loving, thoughtful, touching...perfect!

I was blessed by the music...and am doubly blessed by this great family of people God has placed on my path.
I have had lots of "birth" days in the past couple of years...moments when I celebrated something new being born in me..some little nuance of change or big dose of different that keeps me on my way along this Journey...Some amazing God moments that reinforces the idea that I am in the middle of life affirming process that will make me Lighter...physically, emotionally and Spiritually.
Thanks to my Mom for kicking off a great life by enduring my stubborn tardiness....and "decorating" my life with amazing support and love.
Thanks to my friends and family who have consistently made me grateful for my life and are onboard for ALL of my "birth"days.
Thanks to the new gifts in my life...those that have met me in the middle of an, at times, dicey life overhaul and love me anyway!
And thank God for sharing such precious gifts with me! the song I mentioned above says:
So much more to life than we've been told
It's full of beauty that will unfold
Farther along we'll know all about it
Farther along we'll understand why
Thank you to ALL of you that add daily joy to my life.


  1. Jaime, I am playing "catch up" as usual!! (When my days start getting a bit chaotic, I tend to catch up on weekends-- and look forward to checking in with what feels like old friends and learning new things after a long week!) Well, I am SO glad I got some sweet time to "catch up" today.

    Your words are so perfectly timed in so many ways (and I know only God can do that)! Your insights are so encouraging to me and show me similar things that God is giving me in a different way, and I feel that there are some parallel lessons - though played out quite differently! All this to say, you have been and continue to be a blessing through your honesty with us!!

    AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you are having the BEST TIME EVER at that concert. By the way, I'm with you on the Olympics... Nothing I love better than Olympics (except quite partial to Summer Olympics, Beach Volleyball, and most specifically, both of our favorite Olympic Athlete!)... ha ha... So thinking about how great it would be to save up money and find a way to Rio in 2016!! ;)

    Happy, Happy birthday, Jaime! And I love hearing about your sweet mom! What sweet signs!

    1. God's timing is many times I read someone else's words and hear what I need to hear...always blows my mind a little when it happens. God Moments!!! My birthday was a pun intended...It really turned into a series of life lessons/God moments that I needed to see/hear and feel! Thank you for the Birthday wishes..I am surrounded by blessings included!
      As far as Rio...I am SO planning on being there...Would be fun to experience that with another KLWJ fan! SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!! If you are able to make it to Enchanted Rock...You will get to meet that sweet mom of mine!! :)