Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Perfect Sentence-The Everyday Sentence

As I have said before...I LOVE words...clearly!  I love using them as often as possible...talking, writing, listening...I just love them. 

Here though is my chief complaint about times, they just do not fully convey my experience.  That is where Actions come in to play!

So...I really, as a part of my growth (and reduction) along this Journey....I feel like Actions MUST accompany my words.  Which as many of you know, can be difficult.  It is something that I struggle with...I want to be a person whose words have meaning because I back them with Action. 

I work at it...AND I use lots of times too times not the right ones...and at times..I get it right.  My favorite though...Is when I have someone in my life that lives by example..someone that has the ability to use the right words in combination with the perfect Action!

So having said that, today I was on the receiving end of a Perfect Sentence.

The perfect sentence is tricky...It has to be the best combination of words, timing and heart (action).

I love the perfect fits like my best pair of skinny jeans (LOL),  it completely and totally warms my heart when I least expect it...It needs no further explanation. 

AND THIS perfect sentence...sparked some inspiration within me!!!  I read it...and BOOM!!!  I got it...It fit and It made perfect sense. 

Today, I needed the perfect sentence....I needed a shot of confidence...I needed someone elses' wisdom to help me find mine. I received this sentence in an email at 6:30 AM this morning!! For me,  the perfect thought..perfect timing..and the perfect action of the person who took the precious time to send it.

"Just wishing you nothing but  CLARITY OF MIND...OF DIRECTION..AND OF HEART TODAY."

This is an EVERYDAY sentence for me...This is a sentence that I need to read everyday and know that the prayer that lives in this sentence is what I need in order to win my Fight to Light in every sense of the word.

Clarity is the key to this Journey for me and with it comes confidence, comes strength and I believe Clarity enables me to develop into the person I want to relationship to my work, my goals, my relationships and most importantly in my Christian life.

In her own way and in her own wisdom...My friend captured my daily prayer in a way that I had not been able to articulate. Her grace, her heart, with God's Love gave me a gift...the gift of Clarity!

This morning my Mom and I prayed together as I entered my day...I received these words above...I had the opportunity to face a challenge with confidence... with Clarity!  A Gift...A God Moment...

God is so taking care of me through those I love...through words, through music...through powerful action...on this fact...I have complete Clarity!

The fog is beginning to lift for me...I am feeling more confident, stronger...capable again, of completing this part of my Journey.

Thanks to my sweet Mama for praying such a heartfelt prayer and thanks to the precious author of the perfect sentence!

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