Friday, February 7, 2014

Let the Games Begin

So Tonight...The Opening Ceremonies for Sochi 2014! 

So..I think it has been established that I love the Olympics: I mean REALLY LOVE! 

So my sweet Mama does this funny thing...She posts signs on our door (the door from the garage to the house) that are celebratory in nature!!  Like this one...When I started this Journey:

And this one for my Birthday last year!
So night before last I came home to this!!!!
 She makes my heart smile!
So let the Games Begin!!!!
Maybe there is some unexpected inspiration to be gained and I know that there will be amazing examples of Courage and Perseverance...there will be amazing victories and there will be those that fall short of their goals.  One thing I love about the is a lifetime achievement that cannot be done without great thought, heart and work AND it does not happen every day or every year for that matter.  These athletes work a lifetime for this one chance...unless of course you know an Olympian that has been to 4 Olympic games!!!! :)  Seriously, the level of commitment it takes, the PATIENCE it takes...All of it is profoundly inspiring. 
As I turn a year older tomorrow...I know that I am grateful for my Journey...for the opportunity to work for my own version of a lifetime achievement...No, there will be no gold medal or torches carried...but the work is still required...the courage and the heart...the guts it takes to lose my gut...
I will continue to pray for the strength and courage I need to conquer this challenge.  God can Make A Way!

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