Thursday, February 6, 2014

Courage IS Required!

One more day...and the best sports competition in the World begins...The event where Courage, Faith, Determination, Perseverance, Tenacity...are household words. 

I love the Olympics...Summer and Winter.  The best part about the Winter Olympics is that the Opening Ceremonies are always either on or near my Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday to ME...this year...the Day before!!

For those of you that are familiar with my know, that this Journey started because of the least the final push of inspiration was provided on an Olympic stage by people who embody those words I mentioned above...and because God is good...I now have had the honor of seeing that kind of character up close and personal.


I will tell you that there is something special about an least the one I have met.  Strength (physical and emotional) that passes my understanding...Wisdom, Quiet Confidence..OPTIMISM...and amazing Faith!  Faith in the direction of the Path that she is on and the Courage of a LION!!! Of course, I do not profess to know her daily processes...but I can tell you this...there is something about this Olympian that stands out...her ability to consistently live/be at the level required to achieve her goals and do so with a wonderfully loving and grateful heart.  Just writing this paragraph reminds of why she inspired me in the first place.  She has a certain Light about her that blows my mind.

I continue to "report" to her my progress from time to time and I share with her certain blog times, I am a little intimidated to do so...not because of her...but because I struggle so much. 

However, it really does provide me with a certain will or drive that I just don't get elsewhere...I actually want to accomplish this goal for all of the reasons I write about so frequently...AND there is a little part of me that wants accomplish my goal in honor of her!  As a way of repaying the inspiration, so to speak!  That may sound kinda silly...but it is true! 

She would tell me to do it for ME...and I am...with just a little side for others as well!!

So I will say spite of  myself...:)...I am making progress again...losing weight..and slowly climbing up from where I have been...

Kerri sent me this quote a couple of days ago:

"Be courageous, open up and let love, prosperity and all the good stuff in. You are worthy of all this AND more!”

Really such a true statement...

Courage Is Required.

Opening up our minds and hearts is key! In doing so...I think that Letting Go is equally as important...clearing out all that keeps us closed off and afraid. 

Loving, Letting others love us and the hard one for me...Loving myself.. it is freeing and gives us space to be more than we can imagine.

And for Me...All of the above...Over and Above...require Faith...the true trust that I am not doing this...not taking on my life without the loving guidance and care from a Power much greater than me!!! 

After that...the Door opens and the good stuff will flow...AND from what I hear...with that comes Confidence, Perseverance, Determination...all of those traits that make for a champion and a happy champion at that!

My process...appears to require that I "clean" out a few "closets"...make room for the new stuff...the good stuff.  I pray daily for the courage I need to be in God's Will...My hope is that this part of my Journey...this "cleaning" out that feels intense, messy and maybe a little too much drama for some..will help me BE Courageous...Open Up and let Love, Prosperity and ALL of the good stuff in and Most importantly...will help me Live as an Example of Worthiness in God's eyes.

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