Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let the "Umph" Building Begin!

So today is July 1st! 6 Weeks (give or take) until the end of Year 2 of this amazing Journey, 6 weeks until the 2nd Annual Play It Forward-Rally to Serve and 6 Weeks until the Beginning of Year 3 of my Fight to Light!!! In EVERY sense of the word!

I had someone recently say to me that they just didn't have the "umph" needed to get something done...Something that is important. 

I find it hard to find my "umph" at times.  My "umph"...is needed right now more than ever!  So...I decided that for the next 45 days...I AM going to do whatever it takes to feed my "Umph", Fuel my "Umph", Grow my "Umph"....and Share my "Umph".

So...in an effort to do so...I have decided to post daily as I head into this time of preparing to Give Back to my community, celebrating another year of renewal, growth and opportunity and unbelievable blessings. 

As I do so, I will  keep in the forefront of my mind how incredibly blessed I have been not only for the past 2 years of this particular part of my Journey...but for my entire life!!! 

 So...what is it that feeds my "umph"...Courage, Faith, Wisdom, Humor, Music, People, Places, Travel, to name a few...

So for the next 45 days...I will daily share those things...things that Inspire me...things that I can share with you! 

I  have a challenge for you though!!  I challenge all of you to, for the next 45 days, daily do something that fuels your "Umph" and Share that someone else...or with many someone elses...

I want to finish this 2nd year with a strong burst of energy that will carry me forward...leave me with the strength I need to continue onward and upward and that I can share with others...Share the "UMPH"

It starts today!!!  It can be anything that moves you, inspires you, touches you...anything that fires you up!!

I continue to strive to be the best "me" possible and I have found that along this Journey...the times when I am at my best...is when I look for and find the best in others! With Intent!

So...in keeping with a current event of the day...My Inspiration today...My "umph" master is:

The Goalie for the American Men's National Soccer Team: Tim Howard

Who, under heavy fire from a lightening quick Belgian team...made more than 16 saves in goal today!!!  Time and Time again....he overcame the challenge he faced and stayed fired up even after giving up 2 goals to the Belgians!!! 

He packed some serious "Umph"

As a bonus...here is a quote from Tim that I  happen to think gives him all the "Umph" he needs...

"The most important thing in my life is Christ. He's more important to me than winning or losing or whether I'm playing or not. Everything else is just a bonus."

So...Let the "Umph" Building Begin!!!

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Play It Forward-Rally to Serve

Be a part of something great...Sharing your "Umph" with kids in our community!!!

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