Friday, January 31, 2014

I Can Always use a Good Pick Me Up

Hi and Happy Friday...

AS this 1st week of the cleanse draws to a close...I can happily report that it has been quite tolerable..doable!

I am pleased with my results so far and will post a weight update next week. 

This week has been filled with grow, feel, achieve, fail and overcome. 

I have experienced the patience of others, the wisdom of others, the love of others and most importantly, the Grace of God. 

As most of you know, there are times when I am without unbelievable as that may seem!  In those moments, I find comfort in other's words...I am sharing a few here...some published, some from the amazing people who float in and out of my life!  So blessed by that!

Some of these are just thoughts...not necessarily in context to how they were given to me..but to me, they seem to transcend the need for context! 

"HE is certainly able to be your rudder, level, buoy, anchor, wind, rock, etc., since He created you!"

"All Life is a "work in progress"...each and every one of us...that is...if were are doing it right"

"Hold your head high-find the perfect (or even near perfect) balance and continue becoming the best you can be"

"Forge On and give it a whirl"

"Not only can you do this, you ARE doing this!"

The above gems came from a group of people that are in my life...some more frequently than others...ALL valuable, ALL wise...ALL make my life better and make me better! 

Here are just a few other things to think about!



If I am honest, the successes I have had along this Journey should be credited to the wisdom and love of those that God has chosen to put on my path.

Further, I am still ON this Journey because God and those very same people, lift me up when I fall...and I fall a LOT!

Trust me...I can always use a good pick me up! 


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  1. Encouraged by you as always!! You will do this!