Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Fluffy Girl Can Survive

Well...after a 19° morning here in the Yukon of the Gulf Coast...it is a balmy 40° tonight.  Downright hot!!!

SO...I rolled out of here this morning looking like Nanook of the North...even had those nifty hunters hand warmers stuffed in my gloves...Stuffed and Fluffed.

By this this evening...I stuffed my fluff into my new running leggings, beanie hat and hoodie...and guilted my pal Donna into going with me on a nice brisk walk in the neighborhood!  I GOTTA GET MOVIN!

ALSO...my pal Lindsey (my own personal Jillian Michaels) has convinced me to do a new fitness class called CXWorx.  We will be doing that on Saturday morning!! Let's hope a Fluffy Girl can survive!

So...I am still here...still slowly gravitating towards a less fluffy...more healthy me...

I was talking with a friend about all I hope to accomplish this year...from a mini-goal, Journey 120 perspective.  I have some lofty aspirations...and again I thought...I GOTTA get MOVIN!!

I have lots of pounds to lose...goals to reach...I am going to prove that a Fluffy Girl CAN Survive!

Nite Nite!

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