Monday, January 13, 2014

Suck It Up, Buttercup

So...I was perusing through Pinterest over the weekend and came across the following:

I laughed...and thought...there is some truth to that for me...There are times when I need to Suck It Up, Buttercup.  The addition of the Buttercup part softens it a bit for me...making the whole idea of Sucking it Up a little more doable. 

So this is a difficult post for me...largely because I am going to tell MORE truth...and you know what they say...The Truth Hurts...but it will also set you Free!!!

So I have been busily avoiding posting my weigh ins in recent months...some of it was pure negiligence and some was accidentlly on purpose!!!

One of my issues is that with the ups and downs of losing/gaining/losing/etc...I found the idea of weekly updating my weight and weight loss total overwhelming.  Trust posting my progress weekly has served a great purpose...and in the 2nd year of this Journey...I need to revamp things a bit to better encourage this Journey for me.

So...I lost 68 pounds from August 2012 to roughly August of 2013...then began the ups and downs...I am not going to spend any significant time analyzing why...I think there are multiple reasons...However, as 2014 began...It seems like a natural starting point for a change in how I monitor my progress. 

So that means...I will be posting my weight at the minimum of Once Monthly and I will be posting inches lost.  I will add this section to the blog on Jan. 15th. 

I will be starting the 28 day Cleanse on Jan 20th ending on Feb 16th. 

In late Feb/early March...I, along with a few others, will be having a 'reunion climb' of Enchanted Rock...only this goal is to make it up and back down...2X.

There will be additional Mini-Goals in Feb TBD!

I am hoping to get a long hike done in the next few weeks...still trying to determine the where, whens and such!

So...Today...I am actively fighting the inactivity..the part of me that says this goal is NEVER going to be why bust my butt!!!  Instead I am choosing to prayerfully come up with a Plan...

Action speaks louder than Words!!!

So this Sucking It Up!!!  Forging Ahead...Praying, Asking, Seeking and Knocking!!!

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