Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Person of Action

Happy Sunday!

Today...I am doing my best to stay in action...actively seeking God's will.

I went to lunch...and am now having my quiet time...reflecting, focusing on the week ahead and praying for God's guidance.

My prayer for this week is to be in Action.

I at times, confuse being busy with being in action.

Being busy can be a distraction...a whirl of semi purposeful activity...with no defined ending or goal.

Action is a purpose driven movement that leads to an accomplishment of a specific goal.  An Act of love, kindness...a daily step in a forward action is defined and has a beginning and an least for me.

As I continue to struggle. ..I am clear that for me...being "busy" does not mean I am moving forward.  As I pray for the strength to be a person of action..I will ask for the knowledge of God's plan, I will seek the strength to follow His plan and I will open the new doors, embrace the new joy and welcome all the opportunities I am given.

I hope you will forgive my repetitive speech.  I need to write these words as often as an effort to actively change my hope to truth.


I guess CXWORX. ..WORKS!

My little victory over the last several days is that I worked out 3 of the last 4....even though I did NOT exactly bound out the door...I still got it done.

Please keep this Journey in your prayers.

Here is my co-author for today!

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