Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Faith over Faithlessness

Wow...Busy day!!!! 

One of those days when keeping all the things I juggle from hitting the ground is a challenge. God knows I hate it when I drop a ball!!

So...I am choosing not to fully disclose all of the events of my day (you can thank me later)...but lets just say that I took the opportunity more than once today to Pray before I Spoke. 

Now that may not sound like a big deal...but trust me...its a Big Deal.  I have been known to, on more than one or more than one hundred occasions, to let my pie hole open and be completely unmanned by any responsible human being...and certainly not with the benefit of prayerful consideration.

But was important that I choose to ask for guidance and not leave myself alone with my own to speak. 

Telling the truth thoughtfully, conscientiously, with respect and with grace is what I aim for..but very often miss the mark.  I was presented with the opportunity to tell my truth (opinion) today.  I was asked to do so...Risky proposition for those asking...

Before I opened my mouth....I prayed.  Actually....I prayed in advance of the conversation knowing full well that I may be asked to discuss some sensitive subjects.  I took a deep breath, and actually remembered that I was not in charge and that a power much greater than myself was the one in charge.

So...that my friends...was a little miracle for me...I was in a situation that makes me nervous, where I am asked to and feel obligated to be, honest and real, where I am in charge of doing the talking...AND actually remembered and followed through with a prayer for my words to be inline with God's plan for me...that my words be as graceful, respectful and thoughtful as possible.  It was a decent little miracle!!!  :)

It wasn't perfect...but it was far from a disaster...and the cool part for that I was able to let go of the outcome and just trust that I ask for God's guidance and the outcome is in fact, in His hands. 

I truly work very hard to apply that kind of faith to this weight loss...and admittedly, I have  days where I trust the outcome is in God's Hands...and I have days when I feel completely alone in this weight loss battle...Faithless

So for was an act of choosing Faith over Faithlessness...a day that I outwardly trusted that my imperfections are cured by God's Perfection....without hours of fretting, doubting, worrying, drama...drama...drama...

So everyday...I will ask, seek and knock for more of these miracle moments. 

Before I go...I received this from one of my youngsters...Lindsey a week or so ago......Inspirations sent from one of the miracles in my life!

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  1. I'm glad you had a little miracle today. God is always in charge...we just have to let go of the reins and let Him guide us.