Friday, January 17, 2014

Go With The Flow sugar coating...just having a really rough day physically. 

Functioning...praying...breathing...ready for the weekend.

My action for today will be to go easy on something that makes me happy...take it easy...breathe easy...just easy peasy. is a beautiful day...I left the office at lunch...went to my favorite girly store (Magpies)....had a little Thai food...just got some air.

Would love to be sitting by the ocean...just breathing. 

I am using my imagination instead....hearing the crashing waves...feeling the salty air...just enjoying the ebb and flow...

Today I need to go with the flow..not against it.  Just roll with the tide and just allow myself to rest in God's creation.

Wishing you a peace-filled day here in God's creation.



  1. What is it about the ocean that is so special, right?? There's nothing like it, and it brings the peace of God almost immediately (at least for me)...There's nowhere better I can think of. Wish SA, TX was by water! The River Walk is just not quite "enough" - ha!
    Hope things start looking up this weekend. In the same theme of water, beaches, oceans... This has got to be my favorite worship song right now, and you may already know it.. .Oceans by Hillsong. When our worship leaders play it, I can hardly contain my excitement. :) Here's a link to their video with lyrics.... Great statements of faith in the lyrics.

    1. Ooh, no... this link instead to the acoustic... Even better! Including a bit more about song at beginning...