Thursday, January 2, 2014

Be Deliberate

So back to business...the business of De-fluffing...My Plan is to gently wean myself off of crappy food...go back to eating lean and healthy and start my cleanse in Mid-January. 

I chose that plan because I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to succeed and here is what I know about myself...I cannot go from 0 to 60...without wiping to speak.

So...I want to take on this cleanse with the same energy I did last year at this time...and I need to give myself a couple of weeks to re-adjust my diet and prepare myself physically and of course, mentally...for the guidelines I will need to follow while on the cleanse. 

I have a couple of programs I considered...however, am sticking to the Standard Process 28 Day Cleanse for January to Mid Feb. 

Once I complete this cleanse, my tentative plan is to do a different program mid-year.  Once I decide what to do...I will post here.

After struggling with germs these last few weeks...I will be easing back into my exercise program..and of course will continue with the 30 Day plank off...I have not done it perfectly and am behind on how long I "should" be planking...I think there is just a bit too much of me to hold up for extended periods of time...but I will keep planking away...

I spent my day at work clearing out 2013 stuff that was no longer needed and trying to get ready for 2014...I am expecting some changes professionally and I am not sure what the future holds...however, I will Ask, Seek and Knock...knowing that God has got me covered.

I would like to take each day of this year with a purposeful step...with intention (preferably good ones) and maybe even a little remedially as I try my best to refocus and rekindle the inspiration that started this Journey.

I can tell you that after feeling less than stellar off and on for the last 30 days...Feeling a BIG motivator for me...Now that I have had a taste of good health...I would like to go back for seconds!!

So I want to:

I want to make an effort to reach my goals (daily),  live as the example of what I want to be (daily)  and strive to love each day for the blessings it offers.
Oh...and I really, really, really, REALLY, want to lose the rest of this FLUFF!!! 
So tonight...I am headed to the grocery store...healthy food time...time to purge the house of crap...and move forward...FORGE ON!!!
And just as a refresher...I am STILL MAWA INSPIRED!!! 
Today, Tomorrow and Onward...I will:

l will ask, seek and knock!

For everyone who asks, receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened." Luke 11:11

Happy short work week!!!

Hugs and Love from this Fluffy Girl!!!

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  1. Love this!! Catching up .. The holidays have me a bit behind in reading your entries, but loving your inspiration and attitude!! You can do it; 2014 just feels like it will be an imperfect but GOOD year!! I'm praying it will be a great one for you!! Karen