Monday, January 27, 2014

The Cleanse Begins...Part Deaux

So...Today is the day!  The cleanse has begun...and God help us ALL.

I had an early staff meeting this morning...that I was on time to...however, was called out in the presence of everyone for not being EARLY to the meeting...

Not a good way to start the day...

Sufficed to say, my already detoxing brain and newly deprived body did not exactly let that slide.

After the meeting, I, of course, had to add a little humor to the situation...and reminded them all of the dangers involved when a fat girl has limited access to food AND on a Monday to boot!

So truthfully Day 1 has not been horrible. Last time I did this, the 1st 3 days were I am hoping my coping skills have improved. 

 Yesterday was the 1st planning meeting of the Rally Forward...Play It Forward Team for the 2014 Event!!! Mom and Kristen were unable to make it...but we are all back in and ready to go...


Of course...we had tremendous support from our families, friends, community, vendors, locally, regionally and nationally!! 

Willowbrook Volleyball let us use their amazing facility and my favorite Olympian donated some amazing signed gear!!!

In 2014, we will again, be raising money

Good Tidings Foundation

We will be posting updates on our Facebook Page at:


I am looking forward to more great volleyball, family fun and the opportunity to Play it Forward!!

We will be announcing the date for this year's event soon!!

So as I work to keep my head up...I will continue to pray...As I always am..I am so grateful for those that take the time to pray for this Journey.  I am blessed by some pretty amazing people...

I saw this quote by Max Lucado on Pinterest...It says a lot!

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  1. Good going on the cleanse.....AND, if you need any ice for your blender drinks...just step outside and get some sleet/or snow to throw in. BURRRRRR!!!! A.C.