Thursday, January 9, 2014

Battling the Blahs

I have the BLAHsssss!!!

So...I am sitting here making my self write this post...because I really just want to go T.V. and go to bed. 

However, I absolutely have to workout tonight.  Forced Motivation! 

I cannot give in to the Blah's...not an option...

I am thinking that if I write this post like I am some bad ass...who will rise above the evil Blah's...then maybe it will happen!

So...I am going to Pretend Like I am Motivated...Pretend Like I am unstoppable...Pretend Like the Blahssss are a thing of the Past...

I DO NOT feel TIRED...OR BUMMED. Instead I am Grateful, Fired UP and Blazing a trail to the gym!!!

NOW....I must repeat the above as many times as necessary to believe it!!!!

For right NOW...Here is what I can tell you...I am Still Here...Still Fluffy and Still Forging On!!!

An Extra Prayer could be helpful! I NEED All the Help I can get to:

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