Monday, September 3, 2012

The Weary Travelers

Happy Monday (Feels like Sunday)!  I hope everyone had the day off and got to enjoy the scorching heat!  At least it was a scorcher in this neck of the woods.  For those of you that have more temperate weather...don't brag!  It is unbecoming!  :)  

Today was supposed to be a day of recovery and technically it was, but...I spent about 1.5 hours on the lake, packed up all of our stuff, loaded the car, drove 3 hours home (traffic was a doozie), went to the grocery store, loaded the groceries in the car, drove home, unpacked the car, unloaded the groceries, put the groceries away, am washing clothes and am about 2 steps from collapsing ( not really)..Wow, I am tired though!  A good tired...but tired.

This weekend was full of activities, pretty scenery, quality time with my Mom, Donna, Bill and of course, the Super Sweet Pea...Emily.  Oh...and I can't forget the two dogs...Greta and Riley!!  There is always something good about just a simple geographic relocation for a long weekend.  It doesn't hurt when there is a lake view involved either.  It seems that each time I do something a little differently than I have done it before...this Journey gets a little more exciting!  Let me explain a bit. 

There would have been a time not so long ago that I would have gone to the lake house and spent most of the weekend laying around, chatting, eating too much and maybe swimming a bit.  Quite frankly, I don't really think there is much wrong with that plan.  However, given my recent decision to completely overhaul my life, this plan wasn't the best for me.  I guess though...there was the possibility that sticking to my new plan for a long weekend could have been difficult of that I could have resented not sleeping half the day or chowing down a little more than I should...but that really was not the case.  I got out of bed early on Saturday before we left...worked out, drove to the lake and never got really tired!  I got up early Sunday, took the kiddo and two dogs for a walk and had a great time.  Just a SIDE early morning walk with an intelligent, funny 11 year old can be quite an interesting conversation and the energy she has is amazing!  Uplifting!

The rest of Sunday was filled with swimming...funny made up games on the water with Emily that we both thought were hysterical. By the way floating in a spring fed lake and laughing is the most fabulous combination.  Getting to have a real conversation with the BFF with minimal interruptions also while floating in the middle of a lake...doesn't suck...though we were both astutely aware that today while we were on the lake, a group of Turkey Buzzards began to circle us overhead.  Not sure that was a good sign.  We did our best to assure them that we were in fact, still alive!!!

KAYAKING across the lake was amazing....Did I mention that I kayaked ALL the way across the lake and back...without needing emergency medical assistance?  I don't want to misrepresent...this lake is no Lake Michigan...but it was no pond either!!  That is certainly NOT something I would have done in the past...  A fluffy girl in a kayak sounds like a golden opportunity for some viral You Tube video...and though me getting in and out of the kayak was probably not the most graceful or attractive...I did it!

Getting to spend the weekend my Sweet Tone Tone on another one of our always fun adventures, SWEET!

I stuck to my plan...and had a great time! 

Thanks to ALL of you that sent great music tips my way...Some of them I knew...others I did not and will be checking them out this week.  Thank you for letting me know you are reading and that you are "playing" along...I love it and it truly makes this Journey possible. 

MaWa thanks for the continued inspiration...and thanks to all of you who continue to read, respond and pray for me along this Journey.  God Bless all of you!

I am heading into to Tuesday ready for all kinds of new adventures.  See you tomorrow!

It is not length of life, but depth of life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Glad you guys are home safely.....enjoyed reading about your good trip and your continued " great determination"!! A.C.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I am in the car & hope I hit all the right keys. We are headed to San Antonio for the week. RA has a conference & I have a date with LaCantera Mall & probably the Outlet too. I must say I have never kayaked before but proud of you. I can almost feel your new energy in your posting each time. You go girl keep it up. Until next time...happy MaWa....Barb