Friday, September 28, 2012

So long 260's...

Hello to all!  Today was weigh in #6 and I lost another 2.2lbs and am now officially below 260....Woo Hoo! 

That leaves roughly 102lbs left to go!  Mawa!!

We (Tone Tone and I) are sitting in the neurologist's office waiting on the shot process to begin...According to Dr. Evans...I have lost 20lbs since I was here in June...yea! 

Mom got to hang at the office with me and had lunch with most of the youngsters today! It was fun and I clowned a bit for the group.  See pic below...And no I did not have a margarita...this is me sober! the shots are done!...Ow! ;)  I survived and won't have to do this again for 12 more weeks...

Will be a low key weekend for me.  Hoping to get some rest so that I can attack week 7 with Vim And Vigor!

Here is to no more migraines!

Happy Weekend...Go Lightening Strykers!

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