Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shake a Tail Feather

Thursday evening and I am pooped!!  I had a really good workout though...better than I thought I would  given my loooowww energy today!  But I am still shakin my tail feather and there is a whole lotta shakin go on!!! 

Tomorrow is weigh in #6...and Migraine Treatment #2... I must admit I am anxious about tomorrow...I am always a little anxious on weigh in day...but my anxiety is really about the Botox treatment...It isn't so much getting the it is my fear of the meds.  I am not exactly thrilled about having 31 shots of Botulinum pushed in to my head!! There is something kinda wacky to me about having a really bad headache and then head hurts...I KNOW...I'll go get 31 shots of a deadly bacteria injected into my head...I bet a case of botulism will help me forget my headache!!! that is not my most rational moment...but you have to admit, it is creepy. 
Here is the really funny thing for would not believe how many people ask if the Botox is working on my wrinkles...cracks me up for some reason!  Like I have said before...after getting this much Botox, I will either be headache free...or I will be an embryo and can start all over again!!! 

Unfortunately, I am going to miss the Lightening Strykers second VB game tomorrow night!  Emily's Dad is filling in for me...Thanks Bill...Go Girls...move those feet!!!

I found another really great story today (quite by accident) about a young lady that has turned her big weight loss into something so much more.  I am attaching the link below.  Check it out!

Everyday of this Journey amazes me...even the ones that do not go so great. Today could have been a not so great day..but by the end of it...well...more amazing surprises.  Tonight I had a conversation with Donna and my Mom and we are starting a project that is directly tied to this Journey 120-"Mawa" Inspired trip!!!  I am not revealing the details just yet..but I am really excited!  It is going to take a whole lotta support from you guys to pull off!!!  I will keep you posted.  I will say this...If we can pull this will be so much better and bigger than me losing 120lbs.  Details headed your way soon!

OK...Song of the Day

Last but certainly not least....Don't forget the Firefly Run (5K)...November 3, 2012.  Check in starts at 5:00 PM and the Run/Walk starts at 7:00 PM...It is going to be great.  We have team t-shirts and we get to wear glow in the dark stuff....Come on....Who is with me???

Here is the link for the run!

Here is the link for the T-shirts

May God Bless You and Keep You...

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