Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi!  I hope all is well with everyone.  I am still at work but wanted to get my blog on before it gets too late.  I will be working late tonite...
I got up today and was at the gym at 6:30 AM...did a little over 6 miles on the bike and am hoping to go back to the gym this evening...MAWA!!!! 
Last night was the first night of volleyball and I had 10 girls!  They are all in the 5th grade with exception of Emily and her 2 friends that are also on the team.  I don't know about the girls...but I had a blast!  The majority have never played before so we are starting with the basics...which is probably good for jumping, diving or rolling just yet...we are bumping and serving...two things I can generally still do. 
Lots of great personalities and it should be a great season.  At the end of practice we sat down and talked about how God wants us to treat each other and how we want to be treated.  I asked the girls to give me a few words describing how they would like to be treated and one they chose was Respect!!!
 R-E-S-P-E-C-T...I like that word!!!  So we came up with a pledge...a promise about how we are going to treat each other this season... We said as a group "I promise to treat you with Respect and Dignity"...
They each shared a little bit about themselves and I chose to give them the Reader's Digest version of my Journey...We came up with a battle cry:  1-2-3 MAWA!  (We talked about Misty May and Kerri Walsh...most of them had watched the Olympics). 

I am betting that I find some great inspiration among these kids...already I can tell you that their enthusiasm is off the charts!! Love that!

I also am really grateful that I have the opportunity to volunteer and serve the community in which I live...makes me feel like I am "walking the walk and not just talking the talk"

I am blessed!

So here is my song for today...I attached a You Tube video of it...Hope you enjoy a little Colbie Callait

I took this picture while on my walk on Tuesday...I am gaining a new respect for the sunrise...nice reminder of God's Grace.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.  I know it is a lot to keep up with the daily details.  Thanks to those of you that have shared the link for my blog.  I have become clear that I want to share this Journey with as many people as possible.  I am not 100% sure why...just feels like the thing to do.  Plus, the more accountability I have....the better!

Let's finish STRONG this week...Weigh in #4 is just around the corner....BE COURAGEOUS!

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