Saturday, September 1, 2012

Journey to Palestine

Happy Saturday....I hope everyone is geared up for Labor Day weekend.  I got up this morning and was at the park by 7:00 am...walked 1.5 miles, cleaned out the car, packed, packed the car and we headed out on our Journey to Palestine...Texas that is...It felt great to pack up the car for a road trip...a little time at the lake...a little healthy food..a little swimming...a sunset or two! Nice.
Part of this Journey is about increasing the enjoyment factor in my life...and then being able to put that energy back into the world...I want to be healthy and happy and share that with other people..I know quite a few healthy, happy people and they are not too bad to hang out with!  You know what I'm sayin! 

Ok...I am doing this on my phone...hope it works...please forgive extra typos!

Blessings for today:

Friends with lake houses ;)
Texas back roads
Sleepy road trip buddies

"This little Light of mine...I am gonna let it Shine"

Love and Hugs!

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  1. Love it, love it!!!!! have fun....A.C.