Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Once again it is a late blog post... Workout, Work and tonight was volleyball practice with my 5th and 6th grade girls...and well...all I can say is Wow...Lordy, Lordy the Fluffy Girl feels way older than Forty (five)...It is hilarious...they are zipping around jumping, running, hopping, bouncing and I feel like I am operating in slow motion...We do have some fun though!  It is funny...there are only 9 of them...but it sorta feels like 19!!!  Our first game is Friday night so please say a prayer for us...I am hoping that I am able to teach them the basics of the game of volleyball, teach them the beauty of being involved in a team sport and that we all learn and grow in our Faith!! 

Some of my best memories involve being part of a team. There is something to be said about the energy generated from a "team".  Whether it is a sport, a job, a volunteer group...whatever..I really enjoy being a part of a team.  I have learned that having the benefit of other people's ideas, gifts, talents, brain power, etc...really makes me a stronger individual...So having the opportunity to share that with a group of kids is a positive challenge for me...I am quite sure that some of them think I am a major dork!  But..maybe just one or two of them will get past my obvious dorkiness...and learn some of the things I learned from being a "team player".

Speaking of teams...Whether or not you know it or not...You are on my team...The Journey 120 team.  I know that God is in charge of this Team because if left to my own devices...I would  have NEVER decided to announce to the world (that is what it feels like to me) that I am tackling this challenge, publish a daily journal of my progress...Post my weight for everyone to KNOW and try to gather as many "team members" as possible.  But...It kinda is starting to make sense to me...I think that God knew I needed this to be a challenge, I needed the support, I needed it to be fun and different and I needed to be able to be creative in the process.  I needed to be INSPIRED.  This Team Inspires me everyday.  No word, idea, suggestion, thought is too small...All motivate me and inspire me!!! 

So Let's Go TEAM....Tomorrow we conquer Wednesday....the 5th Wednesday of this Journey!!!

Have a good night...Sweet Dreams and I will see you tomorrow!!!

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