Monday, September 24, 2012

Six Weeks In...

So this is Week and half months into the Journey that I am hoping changes my life in a multitude of ways.  Of course, my primary motivation is to get healthier, live longer, and give more back to the world in which I live.  Yes, it has been work and I don't know that I would call it "easy" but...It has been amazing.  I know that I am a bit repetitive here often when it comes to talking about how this Journey has impacted me so far.  That is a fair assessment!  I find myself wishing for new words or different expressions that might better represent my experience so far.  I have been a  little freaked out thinking about the fact that I have to write something everyday that  best depicts what my experience has been so others have impacted me along this Journey...the gifts that God has given me, the challenges I face and the ways in which I am learning through this process AND still be interesting and be the best I can be through this process!  Then...I take a deep breath and I hear "just be honest".  I hear it over and over I am going with it!
 My goal in sharing this with all of you started as a way to hold my self accountable and to hopefully learn from others, share the inspiration, hope and love that comes my way and learn positive, supportive ways to accomplish the somewhat lofty goal of losing 120lbs in one year! 
That will continue to be my goal every day.  My commitment to posting on this blog everyday has become something that I have to do...that keeps me focused and keeps my mind in the game!  Also, I hope I can use this blog as a way of giving back to all of those that support me and to those that need support.  I want to share the blessings I have received with as many people as possible.  Even that means sharing my actual, truthful weight with complete strangers (LOL)!

As a part of this process, I research (that is what I do for a living-just not about weight loss!) and look for different ways to motivate myself, to tackle this challenge and to continue to find inspiration...I find that most people are capable of inspiring if we just stop and listen!  Most people are courageous, brave and have overcome challenges in their life.  I have found that if I stop and listen...I definitely learn and am often inspired by others. 

During my lunch break today, I came across this article called "10 tips for losing 100lbs".  I have shared excerpts from the article below and the link (which has the full article).  I thought it was interesting and worth sharing.  Now I know, most of you are not trying to lose 100lbs...but there are many "transferable" tips here...AND if you are trying to lose a bunch of weight...this might be interesting to you as well!

Here are the Top 10 Tips ( and a little commentary from me in Italics)

  •  Shrink Yourself: Analyze the Payoff You Get From Excess Weight-    Identifying and understanding your underlying motivation to stay heavy -- and getting help   if you  need  it to address the underlying issues -- can help spur your motivation to lose.   I am guessing that I have reasons for hanging on to my fluff...though I must admit I have never really had an epiphany about what that might be...I do know that being heavy certainly has impacted me emotionally.  That, for me, goes without saying...Oh..and I have amazing support when it comes to dealing with the emotional pieces of this journey...I recommend getting all the assistance available.

  • Assess Your Readiness- How do you assess your readiness? Fletcher suggests asking yourself these questions: "Is my financial situation reasonably stable?" "Is my job and my spouse's job likely to stay the same [for the foreseeable future]?" "Do I have the time to devote to weight control?" "Are my relationships stable?"  I had to chuckle when I read the above about assessing my readiness...though I think it is a truly excellent thought...If I waited on my life to be less stressful to lose would never happen!  I will say this...I truly believe that taking this Journey will decrease the amount of stress in my life.  I must take time to take this challenge.

  • Consider the Options-Whether you choose a supervised, structured weight loss and exercise program, go it alone, or undergo gastric bypass surgery, the process will be a life change, experts say. I think I find this statement has to be true for me....there has to be a life change in order the process to work!
  • Build in Accountability-Being accountable for following your weight loss plan -- whatever it is -- is crucial, says Stevens. "Almost all organized weight loss programs include some sort of accountability," he says. It could be attendance at a meeting, a weekly weigh in, or other structured program components.  I think I have gone all out when it comes to accountability...hehehe....It is working though.  I really am getting so much support from choosing to be accountable.  Though it is difficult at times...the payoff is huge!

  • Adjust Your Expectations-It's frustrating but true. That extra 100 pounds didn't come on overnight, and it's going to come off slowly. "We recommend people cut back 500 calories a day," Stevens says. Losing just one to two pounds a week is best, he says. So it could take a year or two to lose 100 pounds. I struggle with this the most...I do get disappointed when things do not go as I had hoped.  I guess we all do...I have really tried to set a goal that is reasonable in order to avoid big disappointments along the way!

  • Develop a Healthy Selfishness-"People who lose weight and keep it off have developed a kind of healthy selfishness," she says. That means saying no sometimes and putting yourself first at least sometimes.  This is where the idea of balance comes in for me!!! 

  • Fat-Proof Your Environment-"Get rid of 'off-program' or impulse foods at home and work," Doing this!!!
  • Pick the Brains of Healthy-Weight People-"Talk to people who are maintaining a steady weight, who have maintained it for three or four years, and who are your age."  I like this one...had not really thought of it and will definitely try it!

  • Find Your Secret Weapons-Finding a way to stay focused is crucial, says Allan Goldberg, 54, of St. Clair Shores, Mich., who has lost 150 pounds by cutting calories and exercising. When faced with the temptation of overeating, he says, he asks himself: "Do I want to eat this and undo my hard work?"  The blog has really helped with my requires that I think about this process everyday and report it to a group of people...the TEAM!

  • Reward your Success -- in the Right Way-Anyone who's gotten weight loss guidance already knows the rule: no food rewards for taking off weight. So what can you do? As you meet your short-term goals, buy something new, get a new nail polish color, or book a day at the spa, Moore suggests.  I don't think I will have any problems with rewards...I love buying stuff!!!
  Here is the link to the full article!

Tonight I am working out and definitely getting some sleep!  Tomorrow...I have VB practice with the girls and probably an early morning workout!  Happy Tuesday to all and God Bless!!!


  1. The good content in this article is helpful to all of us, whether we need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds...The thought runs through my brain often, "Jaime is doing this, I MUST try harder to do it too". I'm part of the long distance team - MAWA! A.C......
    Have fun with the Lightning Strykers!

  2. I saw you reading this at lunch. I love most of this advice and I know some of it I should take to heart. I know I'm not healthy with the way I eat. I blame it on being super picky. I hope to start something new in my life too. I was disappointed with my Insanity results, even though (and especially because) I put so much into it.

    1. have so much energy and drive...I know you can overcome anything you put your mind to...You have the strength! You are a great support to me!!! Thank you!