Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forge On

Hello and I hope all of you have had a positive, happy Wednesday.
As you know, my Mom is in the hospital and she had a very difficult night.  She has shown tremendous strength and made it through...and now continues to Forge On!  She always does!

So....quite honestly it would be really easy to cave in to the stress...I said I was going to be honest here...tell the truth.  So, I have battled today...battled a headache, battled wanting to throw back a Coke ( the juice of life), and battled to make sure I am eating and eating healthy when I do eat.
Though it may be hard for some of you to relate to...when you have dysfunction around isn't always about eating too can be about just eating poorly, eating at the wrong time and of course...eating too much of something can be a problem as well. Because I am a stress eater...all of the above apply!

But today I decided that if my Mom could Forge can I!
I stuck to the plan.  I worked out and made the decision to eat well!
Though the stress is still there, I feel ok...My headache is manageable and I am ready to take on tomorrow ODAT!

Inspiration does not always come from some great, unbelievable accomplishment or some beautifully written piece of music...sometimes it comes from just getting through a bad day with a little grace and dignity!

Please continue to pray for my Mom and I.  We need them!

We will continue to operate in Faith!

Journey 120- "MaWa" INSPIRED!

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  1. My prayer, for both of you, is that tomorrow will be a much better and calmer you "forge on".....A.C.