Monday, September 17, 2012

Mojo Monday!!

Hello All...After being completely wiped out on Sunday...I got my Mojo back today.  Had a busy day at work...left work at 6:00 PM and headed straight to the Y...where I rode the bike for 1 hour (10 miles) and then did about 25 minutes of weight training (upper body).  Spent about 15 minutes in the whirlpool and headed home for dinner!  It felt good! Glad my Sunday blues did not follow me into Monday! 

So I was talking with a couple of my co-workers today and was telling them how Mom and I have found a couple of restaurants that will special cook our butter, no salt, steamed, clean water (boiled shrimp/crab)...even no butter/no oil chicken fajitas with fresh avocado (instead of guacamole) complete with corn tortillas instead of flour. 
So, for those of you that live in the Houston area...I thought I would share.  I think the restaurants deserve a plug for being willing (with a smile) to cook food to order for people trying to eat healthier.  Of course, portion control is still up to the diner.  Portions are always bigger than recommended!!  So here is our list.  I will add restaurants as we find them: 

  • Blue Water Seafood-           We eat at the location at FM 1960 and 290 (Ask for Sarah)
  • Mamacitas 290 • (281) 469 - 3663
  • Outback-I am assuming any of them.  We have special ordered various menu items and they have cooked to our specifications.  They have great steamed veggies!
We like to be able to eat out from time to time and so far...these restaurants have allowed us to do just that! 

Also, we tried a new recipe tonite (recommended by Beverly Jennings)...
Mom cooked boneless/skinless chicken breasts (4) Frozen
Added a jar of Newman's Own Natural Salsa (lowest sodium I could find)
A package of  lower sodium taco seasoning- (mix the taco seasoning in with the salsa)
About 8 oz of lower sodium (organic) chicken broth
Toss all of that in the crock pot for the day...Take chicken out and shred...put back in crock pot and simmer.
We would typically eat it with corn tortillas...but we were whole wheat flour tortillas instead.  Fresh Avocado too!
Yummy!!!  Thanks Mama Jennings!

Song for the Day: I've Got My Mojo Workin-Muddy Waters... Check out this performance...Live at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1960

I am ready for Tuesday!!!  I have got my Volleyball girls and we are getting ready for our 1st game on Friday night!!!!  MAWA!

Have a Blessed night...JP

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  1. Glad you got your MoJo back!!!! Yea! Barb.