Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sharp as a Tack

Hi...Sorry for the late post...It has been a busy day!  I wish working hard made you lose weight.  I would have lost a good 10 lbs today!!  Instead...I probably gained weight sitting on my rear end all day!  I did get up today and go to the's fun to go to the Y-M-C-AYAY...(a small tribute to the Village People)...I digress!
So I got in 5.25 miles today on the bike and it was one of those work out days when it feels like my body and my brain are not even close to being on the same page!  My legs felt a little like giant blobs of Jello...and I am sure they jiggle like Jello!!  Ha...but, I do know one thing...after months of having migraines and finding it really difficult to think clearly, this new routine (schedule and workouts) does seem to be improving my mental acuity!  I do still struggle with being tired in the mornings...but I am more clear headed for longer periods.  My being tired is not as severely impacting my daily functioning.  This is really good news for me and probably good news for those that have to deal with me on a daily basis.  Over the past several years, I have noticed that my ability to consistently concentrate has diminished significantly.  In my opinion, being in pain, having health issues, not getting enough rest, etc...has literally weighed heavy on my mind...and quite frankly, dulled my thinking.  My grandmother used to tell me that I was "Sharp as a tack"...lately I have been "dull as dishwater"...Being sharp again would feel fantastic!  

Tonight I had the pleasure of having dinner with one of my favorite teachers of ALL time!!!  She was my 8th grade Language Arts teacher and was one of those teachers you just don't forget!  We all called her "Mama Jennings".  Great Teacher in every way...Nice to have the opportunity to tell her that and get to hang out as grown ups!!!!  Blessing! tomorrow marks the ONE MONTH Anniversay of Journey 120!  How time flies when you are trying lose 43% of your body weight or as I call it...trying to lose a Super Model!  Only 11 months to go to lose 120lbs!!  Piece of cake... (don't say cake)!!  

I love hearing from you guys...I have a long way to go and hope you will have the patience to hang in there with me. 

Weigh in tomorrow ( I am a little nervous about this one).  Still Inspired...Still excited about playing VB in one year...Still pumped about the possibilities...Still can't wait to see what Blessings lie ahead.  Still am going to keep tweeting MaWa with weekly results...Kerri Walsh has been a rock star about responding...Still need to reach Misty May...Still going to journal every day...Still believe in the Divine timing of all of this...Still Forging ON!!! MAWA INSPIRED!!!

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  1. You go girl! After we talked yesterday about our brain not connecting with our body, I went to kickboxing (even though I didn't want to be there) and was like...ok, Jaime is doing this every day, so can I. Glad I went too! Not very many people, which is usually my #1 complaint, and I felt great afterwards. Keep on keeping on! ODAT! One month behind you forever!