Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Start Peddling

Wow...sorry for all of these late posts...Life is a bit crazy and my head is spinning!  I think I just passed myself in the hallway!! LOL!
 Today has been busy again in a chaotic sort of way.  But...I am getting through these days so much differently than I have over the past few years.  That can't be overstated.  This Journey is paying off in so many ways in just 3 weeks. 

Mom Update:  My Mom is slowly improving though her kidney function is still no bueno!  But she is getting excellent care and the Dr.'s appear to have a good plan.  She will be in the hospital another day or two I suspect.  Again, she has received excellent care and shared a really fantastic story with me today, an inspirational story.  As I have said, my Mom is strong and is willing to Forge ON and today she got an amazing compliment from her day shift nurse, Ina.  My Mom and Ina were discussing mother/daughter relationships and the conversation turned to the fact that my Mom had lost her mother.  Mom shared with Ina that on the day that my Grandmother passed away, my Mom had come home and laid across the bed, upset and exhausted.  She kinda drifted off to sleep and saw a vision of Jesus carrying my grandmother's frail body and then He gently sat her down and she was young again and began to dance (my Grandmother loved to dance).  As my Mom shared this story she said she noticed that Ina had tears in her eyes...they continued their conversation and in a few minutes it shifted to the fact that I was on my up to the hospital to bring my Mom a few things...including her makeup.  Ina looked at my Mom and said,"You don't need makeup, You are beautiful because of your Faith.  I can see it in your face"  Amazing and in my opinion, so very true!  I hope someone can say that to me someday!

As further proof that I have an amazing Mom, she was insistent that I keep on this path, this Journey and not get off track because of the current circumstances.  I always mind my, I spent a couple of hours up at the hospital and then headed to the YMCA.  Rode a little over 8 miles on the bike (45 minutes) and got the ole heart rate up to a pretty good clip!  While I was at the gym I had a brief encounter with a woman who like me, has a quite a bit of extra fluff.  I was already riding the bike when she walked up to the bike next to me and began to punch the Start button and a couple of other buttons...and it would not turn she moved on to the next bike and did the same thing to no avail...Now for those of you that work out frequently or are familiar with these recumbent bikes, you have to peddle first and then the bike powers up and gives the option to start a program or manually program your workout...but you have to peddle first.  So...because I am a bit nosey and also had to figure that little detail out myself, I thought I would give her a heads up and let her know that you have to "just start peddling"...she stopped punching buttons...gave me an uncomfortably long stare...kinda did one those "mmmm hmmmm" and then what she said next was in my opinion pure genius!!!  She said "Now there is a sermon in that"  Now maybe you had to be there and quite possibly would have to be ME to see the genius in that but here is what happened for me.  No Kidding...Sometimes you do just have to start peddling!!!  We are given all kinds of life challenges where there is no easy on Start/Stop button and not a single instruction to be found.  Where we have something right in front of us that will  help us reach our goals or serve as a solution to our challenge but we have not a single clue about how to start it or make it work.  So in this looks like a bike, it has pedals but I cannot make it work...what to do...what to do...Just start peddling!!! 
That is what Faith is for me sometimes...I find myself in situations that I feel totally stuck in or confused or that may feel completely insurmountable.  I can't "see" the solution or don't feel connected to God's plan for me and it can  be paralyzing.  But Faith for me is about moving forward.  Trusting God has a plan and that all I have to do is "Just Start Peddling"
This woman is a genius...there IS a sermon in that for me...a surprise life lesson from a stranger on a stationary bike in the YMCA.  I don't know her name or her story but...she is as smart as a whip!  God smart!!

I hope you will keep my Mom and I in your prayers...Tomorrow is WEIGH IN Day!!!! Tomorrow is the beginning of Week #4.  3 down and 49 weeks to go!!!  Who is with me....MAWA INSPIRED!!!!

Blessings for today:

An improving Tone Tone
The medical staff at Willowbrook Methodist
My Co-workers for picking up my slack and not complaining (at least not to my face...LOL)

Just Start Peddling!

"I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed."
Vincent Van Gogh

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