Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fluffy Girl on a Mission

Happy Saturday!  I hope you all have had a Blessed Day! 
Today has been pretty much a work day for me.  After missing some time while Mom was in the hospital, I have a lot of catching up to do! 
I really try to keep my work week to Mon-Fri if at all possible in an attempt to maintain my health and stress levels; however, I need to KEEP my day I worked!  It really was not too bad!  And since I have not found a way to workout and blog for a living...I guess I won't quit my day job!!!

Next week I start coaching Emily's church league volleyball team.  I have 8 fifth and sixth grade girls....3 of which are named Hannah!  That should be a good test for the pre-menopausal brain!  I think I might just call them all Hannah....keep it simple!  We start practice Tuesday and have our first game in 2 weeks.  Most of these girls are just learning the sport so it should be a lot of fun just helping them with the basics.  I think it will be a great opportunity for all of us AND I get a little volleyball practice in as well...I have a pretty big game to play next August!!!

I had a late workout today...Did 5 miles on the bike and did some weight training.  I have had to be careful lifting weights because it can really intensify my migraines.  However, I have found that if I do not over extend...I can do some low weight, high rep workouts just fine! 

Speaking of migraines, I go see the fancy neurologist (a leading migraine specialist in the Med Center) sometime next week to get another round of shots for the treatment of my migraines.  For those of you that do not know, Botox has been identified as a treatment for chronic migraines.  I had a series of 31 shots in my head/neck 3 months ago and will go through the same process again next week. Yes, that is a whole lot of Botox and No, I do not look 20 years younger!   I have seen some improvement since the last round of shots and am hoping that this will be my last round.  I would love to not have to go through this process or for that matter, any other process.  This Journey is about regaining my health and hopefully cutting back on all of these Dr. visits, tests, treatments and medicines!!!  So if you can send a prayer or two up for me for a successful treatment...that would be awesome.

OK...Big News....I got another message from Kerri Walsh!!! I have been tweeting my weekly updates to her and Misty and Kerri responded this week....It makes this Journey so much fun to hear from her!  Really continues to inspire me!  Truthfully, I love all of the comments I get...I get email notifications when someone makes a comment on the blog and I typically stop whatever I am doing to read it!!  This is when I love technology...I can blog on my phone, I can read my blog comments immediately, I can post on Facebook, I can tweet and hoot and holler!!!!  I love it!  So thank you to all of you that send me messages in whatever form and thank you to Kerri Walsh for a taking a quick minute to reach out to a Fluffy girl on a Mission!!!!  Awesome! 


Support every where I turn!!
Will Power-that I did not know I had!

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot."~Eleanor Roosevelt 

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