Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Fluffy Girl Recuperates

Happy Sunday Evening to ALL!!!  I hope today has been fantabulous!  Good times with family, friends, church, football!!!  Speaking of Football....Great Football weekend...The New Boston Lions Win and are undefeated...Way to Go Teague Boys...The Texas Longhorns tried to give me a heart attack...but squeaked by...and The Houston TEXANS go 4-0 for the first time in franchise's a great day to live in Texas!!!  (I was even happy the Aggies walloped Arkansas-Whoop!)

Today was the 2nd day of recuperation for me.  I battled mentally feeling like I really needed to work out and physically feeling like I needed another day to recover from the treatment.  I must say that taking the day to rest and give my body a chance to fully recuperate will probably pay off in the long run. 

We did go to church today...Mom, Emily and I were more than low energy...Tone Tone probably had more energy than Emily and I put together.  But we made it! We took Emily home right after church and Mom and I headed to Cracker Barrel!  Today was a rainy, almost chilly day here and Cracker Barrel was filled with fun Halloween, Fall and Christmas stuff...Cozy!  I managed to eat fairly healthy and Tone Tone got to have her favorite Chicken N Dumplings (only 8 weight watchers points).  I love, love, love the FALL and the Holidays and am always truly excited for this time of year!  Happy Fall Ya'll!  Pretty soon I will singing Christmas Carols (Donna loves it when I sing Christmas Carols months before Christmas...hehehe).

Today's sermon was about being in constant communication with God...listening for God's whispers...His plans for us and following the path He has chosen.  Though I would like to think of myself as a really good listener...I may NOT always be the best listener!  I think that is one reason why this Journey has become so important for me.  I truly feel like I listened.  My "gut" says this is the next right thing for me to do and sharing it not only feels like a great support for my process but like something I am "supposed" to do...share it, live it, and I know that it goes way beyond the weight loss...though that is obviously important and necessary. 

I am hoping next week to be able to share some of the details of  what I hope is a positive way to SHARE this Journey on a different level.  It is one more level of inspiration and I am hoping one more really fantastic part of this whole experience.

I am ready for WEEK 7...I have let my body rest and recover and now I am READY!!!  5 Weeks to get ready for the Firefly Run!!!  Go Team MAWA!!!! 

I hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy Week...Let me hear from those of you playing along!!!! 

Love and Hugs!

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