Sunday, September 23, 2012

A balancing act is really late and it has been an out of whack sort of day!  As much as I think about it, talk about it, work on it...etc...I have a really difficult maintaining a healthy balance in my daily life!  Today is a perfect example.  Today started fine.  Went to church, lunch, home...but here the "out of whack" part starts.  I began working...I have had several projects going on at once and have not been able to really catch I have a deadline on Mon. and working this weekend seemed to be the solution.
NOT!  It is midnight....I am exhausted and did not work out I feel out of whack and a bit off course. 
Don't worry....I am still inspired and thrilled to be on this Journey...I just need to "practice" balance.  It is so easy for me to do everything else except the "healthy" thing.  So...I will try again to start Monday fresh with the knowledge that I need to eat healthy, workout, get some sleep and work normal hours more efficiently! 


I hope your weekend has been wonderful and that everyone is ready to start this week with enthusiasm, energy, inspiration and HOPE!!!! 

What just makes that little ole ant...think he can move a rubber tree plant. Anyone knows an Ant can't...move a rubber tree plant...but He's got HIGH HOPES...He's Got HIGH HOPES...He's GOT High Apple Pie in the Sky HOPES..

I may be a little goofy!!!

Here is hoping that all of us have a great week and that the Balancing Act becomes a little easier!

Goodnight and Here's to a great Week 6!!!!  MAWA!!!

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