Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Race Is ON it is not really a race...but the 5K is ON!!! I am so excited about it!.  I love the way each day of this Journey surprises me.  If you had said to me 6 weeks ago...Hey are going to willingly sign up for a 5K with a group of your friends, family and co-workers AND you are going to be so excited about it...I would have said...Dream ON!!!!  Instead...I am saying Its ON!!!  Funny!

As I said last night...the Firefly 5K raises money for the Houston Food Bank, a great cause!  The event is held in the evening and everyone wears glow in the dark accessories (thus the Firefly part).  If you check out the website, there are some really fun pics of people dressed up for the event.  Here is an added bonus for me....I LOVE all that glow in the dark stuff you see at Halloween, Sporting Events, The Circus...You know...the necklace, bracelets, spinny things...that you pay $20 bucks for at the Circus or the Rodeo...etc...Well...I love them and secretly want one every time I go to an event!!!  So doing my first 5K AND getting to adorn myself with glow completely awesome!!!

So my Aunt Charlotte is paying my entrance fee as a way of supporting me and the Food Bank from afar...Go SoCal!!!  Very sweet of her.  She asked me if people could make donations to the cause and can! 

We have a TEAM Name...TEAM MAWA and Lindsey set up a team page on the website and you can register to join the team (hint, hint) or you can donate directly to the  Houston Food Bank on the same page!  I will include the link at the bottom of this post.  Of course, I would really love it if Team MAWA was the biggest, baddest, glowiest (lol), team there!!!

I promise only to pester everyone a little bit about joining in...ok maybe a lotta bit!!!

Again...I must say that Kerri Walsh Jennings is AWESOME...I tweeted that we are doing the 5K to raise funds for the Houston Food Bank AND we named the team ....TEAM MAWA...She retweeted it to all of her followers...People call her  "Six feet of Sunshine"...I say AMEN to that!  A really terrific human being!  If you have a minute check out the charitable organizations she supports. here is the link for the 5K...Please check it out when you have a moment.

Tomorrow is WEIGH IN Day...Happy Friday! End of Week 5!!!

"There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment."~Norman Vincent Peale

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