Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 5 Weigh In

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope all is well and that you are ready for a great, healthy weekend.  So today is my 5th weigh in....drum roll please.....I have lost 15.8lbs!!  104.2 lbs to go!!!  Woo HOO people...WOO to the HOO!!!!  2Bites...4bites, 6bites of salad...Jaime's losing weight there's no doubt about it!!!!  Yes....that just happened.  I made up a completely goofy cheer about myself...You can't get that kind of entertainment just anywhere!!!  You can thank me later!

Tonight is our first VB game.  My 8 girls are great kids and getting to spend this extra time with my Sweet Pea is a huge bonus!!!  Plus, she loves volleyball...LOVE!  It should be fun and will be a learning experience for all!

Next...another plug for the Firefly Run...

Would love to see on Saturday November 3rd.  Here is a video from the Firefly Run website!

I am planning on starting my "training" this weekend and yes...I will have to "train" for the next 6 weeks in order to complete this 5K!!!  Don't Judge :)
I will continue to do the bike/walk rotation and will start begin to work on increasing my distance by next week.  Currently, I am still walking 2 miles.  Ideally, I would like to get my distance to 3 miles within the next 2 weeks...then, it would give me some time to work on picking up the pace!!  I am told you have about an 1.5 hours to finish the 5K...sounds like plenty of time...unless you are me and you think...oh please don't let me be the very last person to finish!!! 

So...I am getting ready...I am still INSPIRED not only by my original Inspiration but by all of the people who offer their support, love and Encouragement!!!  God continues to Bless me along this Journey...

Here we go:  Week 6...ready or not!!!!

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  1. absolutely loved the video......"fireflies"....and congrats on your overall weight loss...2 bites.....4bites..... yea!!!!!!! A.C.