Sunday, September 9, 2012

A teachable moment

Happy Sunday to everyone.. I hope all of you have a good, restful day filled with family, friends, worship and all things good!  It has been a busy day here!  Started with Church...Emily, Tone Tone and I headed to Church this morning.  It was nice being there with both of them.  Great that Mom felt like going!! 
Our church honored teachers today. The sermon was about teaching, about the extensive job description teachers have today.  Not only are teachers required to teach reading,writing and arithmetic...but they are often asked to "raise our kids" Our minister showed a video by a business man  named Jamie Vollmer who has written a book called "The Ever Increasing Burden on America's Public Schools.  It is an interesting timeline of  the ever changing public school system and requirements and burdens placed on teachers over the course of the history of the public school system.  Though I have not read the book...the video was an interesting look at the above topic.  I certainly would recommend it for every parent, teacher, tax payer and anyone who has ever met a child or been a child! 

It made me think about my teachers growing up...I think generally I had really good teachers and coaches.  I have a few negative memories of teachers but mostly I have great, long lasting memories of teachers/coaches that had a positive impact on my life.  Now truthfully, it was not something that I recognized at 10 years old or 16 years old or even necessarily as a young adult.  It took some time to get get the impact.  But over the years I have "gotten" it and I have been particularly blessed that I still have contact with a few of my favorite teachers/coaches!  That is really quite fabulous.  I have been able to share with them personally the impact that they had on my life.  I am grateful for that opportunity. 

So how does this all tie into my Journey...this Journey to change my life...well just in the 3 weeks of this Journey I have learned so much...there have been so many "teachable moments" So many opportunities to learn things about myself, about other people, about how to eat healthy again, exercise again and about how to listen and watch for God's plan for me.  The Ultimate Teacher! 
If I am willing...I learn something new everyday...literally.  It may not be an Epiphany...It may not be a "Wow" moment...but it may turn out to be if I just pay attention. 

When I watched the Olympics and witnessed Misty May and Kerri Walsh win their Gold Medal...I could have just learned that they were great athletes, that they won their 3rd  consecutive gold medal, that skinny girls can play volleyball in little bitty bikinis without having a wardrobe malfunction!!! I could have learned/acknowledged just the facts of the event.  But instead, God provided me with a moment to learn how to be inspired again!!

So here's to ALL of the teachers in my life both past and present!  You all deserve my gratitude and respect. 

OK...We are headed into  another week and another chance to learn new things, take on new challenges, lose a few more pounds (if applicable) and ready ourselves for new adventures! 
I am going to work on increasing the intensity of my workouts, Laughing More, Eating Healthy and work on being a better human being!  MAWA INSPIRED!!!!

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