Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and the Birthday Cake

Happy Saturday Everyone!  It has been a fun packed...Birthday Celebrating Day!  You is Tone Tone's 69th Birthday!!!!  We did some celebrating...First though, I started the day with a park walk with my pal Donna...then I had birthday errands to run.  So I picked up my birthday assistant Emily and we headed off to Party City..for some birthday balloon action!!! 

The Divine Ms. Em and I got everything we needed to kick off Tone Tone's Day o' Birth in style.  The three of us had brunch at the Egg and I (where I ate a healthy egg white omelet instead of my favorite Eggs Benedict)...Tone Tone got a purple flower ring Emily picked out...then we stopped off to pick up a Mini Birthday Cake for Tone Tone to share with Emily and here is where it gets interesting for the Fluffy Girl...Of course, I had to purchase the cake...which required me gazing upon all the B-E-A-U-tiful pastries at HEB.  THEN...when we cut the cake I had a choice to I have a small tiny piece of cake in honor of my one and only mother...or do I show incredible fortitude and just say NO!  What do you think happened????  Yes...I said NO!!!!! The Fluffy Girl overcame!!!!

After cake...we headed shopping for a NEW TV for Tone Tone (and me..hehehe).  Our TV is on it's death it was time!  So TT got a new 37" LCD 1080 P HDTV---E-I-E-I-O! A gift from Donna, Bill, Emily and I!  After shopping and a very short rest...we headed out to dinner at our favorite seafood place...where the Fluffy Girl  (and Tone Tone) ate healthy boiled crab/shrimp, salads and steamed veggies (no butter/no sodium). 

We had a nice dinner and I am thinking that Tone Tone enjoyed her birthday!

I survived not having cake...another miracle :)

On a serious note...It was a great day to celebrate my wonderful Mom..a strong, faith-filled woman and a wonderful role model.  I had the benefit of being raised by 2 strong women...My Mom and My Grandmother.  I am quite grateful for that...they provided me with the tools to rise above the obstacles...even cake!!!

Thank you Julie Ann, Kyle and Barbara for reminding me!!!

I am headed into Sunday...cake free and happy! 

See you tomorrow!  One more pic before I go...Me and my BFF

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  1. What a GREAT birthday celebration!!!!! A.C.