Saturday, September 22, 2012

Excitement Abounds!!!

Happy Saturday to all!!!  It has been a great couple of days and I still have stuff to tell from Friday...Since I posted early on Friday...tons has happened since then and the excitement continues!!!! 

Of course, I am still totally pumped about doing the 5K in early November and am going to further amp up my workouts so that I am ready to walk 3.1 miles in less than 1.5 hours!  I had a really good workout today...did an hour on the recumbent bike and did some upper body/legs weights.  Had some errands to run and then actually got some rest.  I do need some suggestions for excercises that strengthen the lower back...Send them to me if you have any...PLEASE!  :) yesterday after I posted, one of my co-workers (Kristen) decided to design a t-shirt for the Journey 120-Team Mawa 5K.  I had no idea she was doing it until she had a design online and ready to be viewed.  She did an amazing job and I am so touched by all of my co-workers enthusiasm.  It actually is fantastic to be surrounded by youngsters!!!  They keep me on my toes!!!  So Kristen gets blog bonus points for her fine performance!!!  Very thoughtful and very talented!!!!   I am going to post the link for the T-shirts so everyone can see them.  We did change up the wording a slight bit...but the design you see is the one we went with.  Because the 5K is at night and called the "Firefly" Run...Kristen picked out the perfect colors!!!  Team MAWA will be "glowing". 

If you are interested in joining us or just want to wear one of the happy t-shirts,  you will be able to order them online.  The final pricing will be determined once we complete our order!  Just a note:  The cost of the t-shirt is the actual cost due to the vendor.  There is no connection to any charity or profit to anyone outside  the t-shirt vendor.  Donations for the Houston Food Bank can be made through the link at the bottom of the page.  You can join us for the 5K via the same link!!

So far, Team MAWA has 8 Members...with 6 of my co-workers on the team (so far)!!!  They are awesome and I am completely and totally pumped!

Next item of Big News...My Volleyball girls won their 1st game...It was AWESOME.  They did such an amazing job.  Only 2 of my girls have played volleyball before so it was a really big accomplishment to go and out win their very 1st game.  I think they really enjoyed it and really worked hard.  My Em did a great job as a team leader...All of my Hannahs (3 of them) were spectacular. Gina, Madeline, Annabeth and Olivia all did fantastic as well!!!  Go Lightening Strykers (our team name they chose last week)! :)

Post Game Prayer!

This whole Journey continues to be an amazing blessing!  Journey 120-MAWA Inspired!!!

I hope everyone has a terrific Sunday...This is the Day the Lord has made Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in it...Psalm 118:24

Link for the Houston Firefly Run

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