Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Queen of the Kayak

Happy Sunday!  I hope today has been a Blessed day for all...good times with family, friends... yesterday...after I posted...I tried something new (for me)....I went KAYAKING....WOO HOO!  I loved it!  And...I kayaked all the way across the lake and back...quite thrilling considering I am quite sure I could not have not have done it at all 3 weeks ago! Another miracle...Feel free to call me "The Queen of Kayaking"...I don't mind!
I got up early today and went for a walk with Emily, Riley, Greta and Tone Tone drove us to a local park.  It was a little warm.. But good! 
It is peaceful here...Peace is good...I should try it More Often!
Everyday of this Journey has been a blessing so far.. Even the tough ones!   Tomorrow is a recovery day for me...but I am guessing I will get a little swimming in...
Here are few pics...enjoy your Labor Day...and try is fun!
See you tomorrow!

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  1. Love your stories!! You are keeping Dennis and I on track. Two weeks into this journey and Dennis is 8 pounds lighter and I am 10 pounds lighter. You have inspired us to keep on going! Love ya girl! We are proud of you.