Saturday, March 9, 2013

From Fluffy to Tuffy

Hello!  What a day it has been!  I did it!  I climbed a 425 ft dome of granite and I did it 45 minutes! 

Mom, Nettie and I got up early this morning, dressed, I had a protein bar and we headed out to make the 17 mile drive to Enchanted Rock...we had heard the weather was going to not cooperate...but God is good and so was the weather!  We met Kristen and Stephen at the gate to the park and by 9:05 am...we were on our way!

Get this...the climb was NOT hard for me...I mean I had to work...but I was not struggling! It was fun!  I felt good and I could actually carry on a conversation while I was climbing! In case you do not know...that is yet another miracle!  

You know...every time I think this Journey is gonna be too tough or I don't have it in me...God sends me another miracle moment to remind me that I AM doing this.  I am winning this battle and I can change my life.

I received so much amazing support today...from my travel and climbing partners, to all of the great messages of suppo
rt! It made today so very special...
Thank you all!

I have attached a few pics...will add more tomorrow?

After posting a pic on FB showing me on the top of the cousin Ronnie suggested I change my moniker from Fluffy Girl to Tuffy Girl....I like that!  Thanks Ronnie for the compliment! has been a great much much joy!

More stories tomorrow!  LOVE!

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  1. Hey Tuffy (alias Jaime) the last picture...that grade looks very steep!!!
    That was a grand accomplishment....YEA!!!!!! LOOKED like so much fun!!!! A.C.