Friday, March 1, 2013

Weigh In #28-Losing Weight in a Healthy, Happy Way

Happy Friday...Happy almost weekend!  Happy Weigh In Day!!! is actually a happy weigh in day!  I lost another 3 lbs and have now lost a total of 46 lbs!! 

That means that I am 74 lbs away from my goal.  Now, when I busted out my best math brain, I realized that would have to lose 3 lbs per week over the next 24 weeks to meet my original goal.  So though I do not think that is a realistic goal, I will keep Forging On!!!  I will work my hardest to make the most of my next 24 weeks and I WILL be playing volleyball again...with a new body (or at least a trimmed down old one), a rejuvenated spirit and the same ole sense of humor!!  All will be needed. 

I am starting to swing into a higher gear on organizing the charity event.  I have to make some decisions pretty quickly about venue...etc!  I am hoping that will become a focal point of the next few weeks in addition to losing as much weight as I can in a healthy, happy way!!

Losing weight in a healthy, happy way...makes me think about the 1st time I lost a lot of weight and why....

I have lost quite a few pounds before (70lbs) when I was much younger.  Though the outcome was ultimately beneficial for me, back then, I did it for the wrong reasons. I did it to become more physically appealing. I did it so I could be accepted as a legitimate professional singer.  I did it under pressure, I did it to prove to people that they were wrong about me and strangely, I did to please those very same people.  People who told me point blank that my talents were good but not good enough because I was fat!  OUCH!  No sugar coating that one!  It was a difficult time in my life and a great season of learning.  I would not trade it for anything now.  I got to work in the music business just long enough to learn that I loved the singing and the crowds...but not the "business"...and you gotta love all of it to make it your life! 
But I did it..and I had some great experiences and I have wonderful stories to tell (which you know I love) AND in regards to my Journey now...I have had the experience of changing who I am for the wrong reasons..or maybe better put...trying to be something I was not in order to please others.

This weight loss...this Journey... is so much more special to me than the 1st time around. This time around I am not angry or bitter, not completely overwhelmed and not struggling to meet impossible expectations!

Now I know this...I am a Fluffy Girl...who wants to be healthier...not beautiful, , who loves to sing, not for fame, but for Joy and who wants to be a better person....not to please others but to please God.

So I will take on the next 24 weeks with that knowledge and it will give me the confidence I need to do this and most importantly...It does NOT have to perfect...It just has to BE!

OK...So WHO IS WITH ME!!!!!  I need all of you and need all of the prayers you can muster!!!! 


  1. GO "J" GO!!!!!!!! A.C.

  2. You go girl we are with you all the way. Barb & Ronnie