Monday, March 18, 2013

Persistence Will Pay Off

Hello...It is Monday...again...I am just ignoring the fact that it is Monday...I think I still have Sunday on my mind. 

I really did not mention my day yesterday...too busy trying to get off the roller coaster ride...but my Sunday was good.  Started the day with to see the weary travelers (Donna and Emily)...after church...Mom, Em and I had a nice lunch...Emily told us her skiing stories, talked about fun with her friends and her new ski friends.  She got to have lunch at the Ski lodge with JUST her adults..she got to order her own food AND according to her...she made healthy choices...grilled chicken and Frito's...hey...there is corn in Frito's...I love her!!!  Her friends ordered M&Ms and corn in those...OK...maybe corn syrup!!!

After lunch...We dropped Emily off at home...I took Tone Tone home and I headed to the Y!  Did a fast 15 minutes on the elliptical...did another 35 minutes of weights (legs and upper body/back).  I felt pretty strong.  Walking has become my go to lately...mainly because I was preparing for hiking AND because I really have wanted to be outside.  I guess walking is good though...because I felt strong!

I am aware that pretty soon...this Fluffy Girl will not want to be anywhere there is NOT near an air conditioner...I don't do hot!!!  So I am taking advantage of the great weather we have been having!!!

I spent some "me" time in the to have a semi uninterrupted conversation with Donna about a few things that have been going on with me. 

In the afternoon, Emily and I took a walk and played some volleyball....again...did I mention that I love her!!!!   She is quite getting to spend some lengthy time with her does my heart good!  She is at the age where she is still at times a little girl...and at times, she is a young lady...not an easy age necessarily but such a sweet combination to watch!  I am grateful that she likes to still spend time with her Aunt Jaime! 

I got to step off the roller coaster for a little while...not knowing how long that will last...I enjoyed my afternoon.  I was with people I love all day.  I started my day focused on God...with music...with my Mom, Donna and Emily...with the knowledge that I am loved...with the belief that God is with me even when I am standing on Shaky Ground! 

I received some really supportive comments yesterday...from a high school friend that I have probably not seen since she graduated!  She was a teammate of amazing athlete by the way...who sent me a message on Facebook that she read my blog for the first time Friday and that she went back and read all of the posts from the beginning...WOW!!!  Bless her heart!  That took some time.  I am amazed!  I got a message from Kerri Walsh Jennings too...always makes me smile...

Again...just when I think this Journey maybe getting too big for me...Just when I think that I do not  have the courage to continue...I am reminded by someone or several someones that I will continue to be work...but I can do this.  I continue to be blessed by new friends...old friends...and of course my sweet family.  I am still taking risks..being honest, sharing my heart and praying for the right words...praying for wisdom and trusting my gut!!! 

Someone said this to me earlier...Persistence will pay off!  I believe her...I have seen so many miracles along this Journey so far...I believe that my willingness to trust this trust God's plan and trust the people he puts in my life...will propel me to my goal.  I must be Persistent!

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