Friday, March 22, 2013


Happy is Weigh In #31 and I am stuck on a plateau it appears...Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! 

I told my Aunt Charlotte earlier today that the Fluff and I are at a stalemate...hopefully not...there is still progress to be made...I just have to stay the course. 

I received some sweet encouragement from my favorite Olympic Gold Medalist this week...Really feels great having her in my corner...I asked her for a few extra prayers this week and this is what she sent the words, love the message, love the support and love her!

It goes without saying that the last sentence seems to hit me the hardest...I gotta keep the has gotten me this far!!! 

I have to Keep Walking in God's Will...Even when I want to "take over"...
Just about everyday...My Mom sends me a text (or tells me) that ...Jesus Loves You and So Do I...she has been doing that for years...I even have a ceramic coffee mug she made that has those very words painted on the bottom!!  Yesterday she wrote this:  "I ask Jesus to bless your day abundantly!  He loves you and so do I. Xoxoxo Mom"  Another reminder that I am loved...loved beyond measure! 
I find myself really focused lately on being in relationship to people, things, places,etc... that remind me that I am on a path that requires complete faith and trust.  I am opening my heart and mind and allowing myself to be vulnerable, inspired, tentative and at the same time, brave!  I like the fact that I have people in my life who are clearly on their own Journey and I am grateful to have people in my life that have the space to really grasp what I am trying to do and can be a source of strength to me.  I hope I can for them as well.  I actively "pursue" those people, things, and places...even when I feel kinda funny doing so...I know that is part of God's plan...
It is time for me to shake things up!!!  To get back to the very thing that started this Journey...Unexpected Inspiration"!!!  I crave that inspiration! 
I speak often about my faith and the relationship of that Faith to accomplishing my goal.  Again...let me say...that I really did not truly know that was how this all would go down! Yes... I knew that I could not accomplish this without my faith in God and I knew that I would need others much as humanly possible!!  I knew that I wanted to lose weight so that my health would improve and I knew that there would be peaks and valleys...
I did not know that my spiritual growth would be more important than my diminishing girth!!!  I did not know that my life would be changed by the people I am meeting...I did not know that I would sit down and write some of my most personal feelings...on the INTERNET!!!  I did not know this would be soooo difficult and I certainly did  not realize the blessings that God had in store for me. 
I am not sure that I believed what I was going to undertake would have any value beyond getting healthy  ( though that is certainly valuable)! 
Now that I am 7 months into this Journey...I am not sure I believed it was possible to lose the equivalent of another human in terms of weight...still struggle with that.  I do not know what lies ahead.  I do believe that God is with me at all times...I do believe that God is giving me opportunities to completely be the very best person I can be...I do believe that God works through others! 
I do believe in HOPE...I do believe in LOVE and I do believe that if I BELIEVE that I can BE!!!

OK...Week # 31 is in the books...Week # 32 lies AHEAD!!!

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