Monday, March 4, 2013

Lead Us Not Into Tempation!

Another Monday is in the books!  It was a busy day at work and stressful...not worth spending time discussing here...except to say that I battled my inner stress eater ALL DAY!  See photo below!!
AND OF ALL DAYS...There were Chocolate Donuts in the kitchen at work....Evil Doers!
But...I overcame temptation and stuck to the plan!  Not bad for a donut loving fluffy girl!!

A neat little gift today was that just as I was having my my own struggles with the donut attack...another weight loss blogger was having her own battle...we were able to commiserate via Twitter and lend each other a bit of support!

Tonight I walked a couple of miles and am hanging out with my Emily and my Tone Tone! 
I have had the pleasure of helping a cat-obsessed 12-year old with a school report about....CATS!

Simple pleasures...I love the little moments...doing things that to the naked eye may seem mundane. But if a closer look is taken...they are really quite priceless...precious to me!
So I will take this Monday....I beat temptation, conquered the evil Chocolate donut, walked a couple of miles ( in my own shoes) had a good discussion about cats and got to spend time with my two girls!

Here is what I sent to my fellow blogger today...something I needed to hear more than I needed to say!

"Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" Matthew 6:13

Here is a recipe my co worker Amanda sent me today...sounds good! Thought I would share!

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