Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mid Life Makeover- Or Not?

It is another Hump Day...Another day closer to Weigh IN Day...Another day of learning opportunities. 

I had dinner last night with a good friend...a friend that I do not get to see very often, but one of those friends that I always just feel comfortable matter the time in between visits.  We had a ton of catching up to do...I have not seen her since I started my Mid-Life Makeover and because I was so ill last year, I could not be there for her when her mother suddenly passed away.

It was good to sit with (we can do some talking), reconnect and try to make sense of all of the life stuff we are both experiencing...She is a thinker...a ponderer, like me!  WE both might over analyze a wee bit...but, we manage!!! 

She is an incredibly strong person with strong feelings to go with that and she is smart as a whip.  It is always good to bounce ideas and thoughts off of her...she has wonderful insight! 

So I really enjoyed my time with her and my visit with her provided another opportunity to talk about this Journey with gratitude and again, I was reminded how much I have been life changing this Journey really has been so far and how much more there is to learn! 

As I was talking to her...I was tempted to call these changes in my life a Mid-Life Crisis...but I thought...this is no is anything but for me...I have been in crisis a lot over the past several years and certainly have been at other times in "younger", this is more like a Mid-Life Makeover!  Now as I said that to her last night...I knew it was probably not as "original" as it felt in the moment.  But I liked it...

So I Googled it...and something quite humerous happened...I Googled (Google Images) Mid-Life Makeover and about 500 photos of CARS popped up...It seems that Mid-Life anything is directly linked to the automobile industry...Which made me think...If my life was judged by my car...I am DEFINITELY in crisis...and well beyond Mid-Life! 

So, after deciding that my car was NOT, in fact, a reflection of my life...I moved back to the whole Mid Life Makeover...I kinda like that...I thought about Mid-Life Do-over...Nah...Mid-Life MOVE over...made myself chuckle...As I played around with different ideas of what to "call" this change..I realized...

This is my LIFE...I have no idea whether I am in mid life, late life...get a life...whatever...I am in the smack dab middle of MY LIFE...EVERY day and ALL day...I just now know that I must LIVE the best of my ability...old car and all!!!  Embrace it, Hug it, Seize it, Feel It , "Lose" it, Laugh with it and most importantly,  LOVE it!!! 

Speaking of is another "Love" song that I Love...too much????  LOVE-by Sugarland (link at the bottom of the post)

Is it the face of a child?
Is it the thrill of danger?
Is it the kindness we see in the eyes of a stranger?
Is it more than faith?
Is it more than hope?
Is it waiting for us at the end of our rope?

I say it's love!
I say it's love!

Is it the one you call home?
 Is it the Holy Land?
Is it standing right here holding your hand?
Is it just like the movies?
Is it rice and white lace?
Is it the feeling I get when I wake to your face?

I say it's love!

I say it's love!

Is it the first summer storm?

 Is it the colors of fall?
Is it having so little and yet having it all?
Is it one in a million?
 Is it a chance to belong?
Is it standing right here singing this song?

I say it's love
I say it's love

(I say it's love!)

Is it a veil or a cross?
 Is it the poet's gift?
(I say it's love!)

Is it the face that has launched over thousands of ships?
(I say it's love!)

Is it making you laugh?
 Is it letting you cry?
(I say it's love!)

Is it where we believe that we go when we die?
(I say it's love!)

Is it how you were made?
Is it your mother's ghost?
(I say it's love!)

Is it the wish that I'm wishing for your life
For your life, for your life the most?


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  1. Great song lyrics....wish I'd written them.
    Your Blog today made me chuckle....Love ya, A.C.