Friday, March 29, 2013

The Ultimate Act Of Love

Good Friday to you all!  It is a good Friday...Weigh In #32 has gone well.  I lost 2lbs this week.  I am happy with that.  I am NOT at work...another reason for this being a good Friday. 

I woke up this morning, got dressed and headed out to work out and go spend a little time Donna and Emily and then get in my park time today since the rest of the weekend will be busy!
On my way to Donna's, I get a phone call...on the line is a small, sleepy voiced 12 year old who really wants some fresh donut holes from the bakery around the corner....REALLY!!  So being the good Aunt that I fancy myself to be, I turn around, head to the bakery and purchase a dozen, warm, sugary balls of Fluffy Girl Kryptonite for the child!
I tell her, as I relinquish ALL of the donut holes to her...This, my child, is the Ultimate Act of Love!

As I sit here on this cloudy I try to make sense of all the thoughts zipping around in my brain...I am so very aware that today is Good Friday.

I must has always been challenging to grasp as a Christian why today would be called "GOOD" Friday.  Today is the day that Christ died an unimagineably painful death on the cross. However, I read the below today and thought that this explains it perfectly for me

"Celebrating Good Friday means you understand the crux of Christianity. Good Friday is good because that is the day that we celebrate and honor the fact that Jesus Christ chose to die for us."

THIS is The ULTIMATE Act of Love!

Today I can celebrate this Journey with all my imperfections, missteps, and misguided moments because Christ died for me.

This is a Good Friday!

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  1. Praise be to Jesus' Ultimate Act of Love for us, Amen.
    Have a Blessed Easter.....A.C.